Thursday, November 5, 2009

Fan-bloody-tastic lecture

Yeah, sorry, should have put in a nerd alert but never mind, it'll wash off under the shower.
Feral Beast and I went to a lecture/talk with Martin Flanagan and Paul Bateman at the State Library tonight.
I'd read a few of Mr Flanagan's pieces but I wanted to say nothing to FB so he had no preconceived ideas or expectations, effectively walking in cold.
He was transfixed within moments of the discussion starting; these were two good friends having a chinwag on stage, chatting back and forth about the differences between Tassie and Victoria but also the very many links that tie the two states together.
One thing that struck me was when he said,
"You ask anyone in Tassie about Gunns and everyone's got an opinion. But you ask anyone in Melbourne about an environmental issues no one seems to care, whereas if you asked anyone in rural Victoria they'd all have an opinion."
Which is so true and has been proven time and time again when anyone tries to discuss the North-South Pipeline with Melbournians who either know nothing or have swallowed the govt spin hook, line and sinker.
Many subjects were thrown about - sport, footy, Indigenous People, history, heritage, the environment, Windshuttle, Mansel, La Trobe, Hobart, William Buckley, convicts and George Augustus Robinson.
I cannot possibly convey everything that was discussed but I do recommend attending any future lectures involving Martin Flanagan.
A podcast from one of his lectures from 2006 is available HERE.


  1. I have read Martin Flanagan for a long time. Mixed feelings about him but I think he would be a good raconteur. I will download the podcast now for later listening.

  2. It was in conversation form so it was a very relaxed chat which naturally flowed from subject to subject, like any conversation, instead of a formal lecture which may be different to his writing.

  3. What's this about a north-south pipeline? You guys are getting a pipeline? From where to where? why doesn't our S.A. government get in on this? We're the dryest state for crissakes, we could use a pipeline, preferably a nice big fat one from the monsoonal flood areas of the far north all the way down to us, with feeder pipes going to every city and farming area.

  4. Ahh, the north-south pipeline is this one here, the one which all the farmers, irrigators, food producers, rural residents and the worms in the ground are thoroughly against, River.