Thursday, November 12, 2009

Friday the 13th NOvember flee to the hills, the hills have eyes, The eyes of Laura Mars,Mars 1998

 Oh, yes, we could play this direct-link-movie-title nonsense all day long but!
To the Bat Poles, Wonder Woman!

Tis Friday da Furr-teenth...brought to you by the Casino Count, Sociopathic Big Bird and Hallucinogenic Mr Snuffelupagus.....Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahaa *wheeze* hahahahahaahhahahahahaa...
Yes, Sesame Street turned 40.
Strangely it meant the death of several excellent homegrown educational shows for kiddies and several generations growing up with an ingrained American accent.
And for the love of all that's Holy in the vegie patch; for the last time the f*@king letter Z is pronounced ZED not zee.
Mummy's happy pills are brought to you by Thank God, Pass The Water and Start Baking The Pavlova, Beryl!

For those who liked the Whittlesea Show pics tune into Channel 7 tomorrow night at 7.30pm to watch Better Homes and Gardens as the show was out there filming over the weekend, taking part and judging some of the entries (and Dr Harry managed to get into some of my shots...).

 Can I take this moment to tell pollie Kevin Thompson, who wants to cap the number of Kiwi's walking through the front door of Oz, - please  there's a village somewhere being deprived of it's very own Sooky La La, I feel this position would suit you down to the tips of your sad little ingrown toes.

1673 The beaver was first mooted as a symbol for Canada.

1954 Hastings in NZ became the first town to flurodate its town water supply.

1973 NZ passed the Domestic Purposes Benefit which allowed single Mums to stay at home with their kids rather than rely on paid work outside of the home.

1979 CJCD, the first private radio station in Canada's North West Territories, went on air in Yellowknife.

1996 Up Qld way the Stradbroke Island Action Coilition presented the Inaugural Premier Awards for Mining Ineptitude.

1998 Judy Spence, Minister for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Policy, put the record straight when she denounced the claim in the Guiness Record Books that Palm Island was the most violent place on earth outside of a combat zone, having based their information on a UK newspaper article that used fictious data.

Not a Fergie but a crank started Fordson tractor.

Yellow = New Zealand
Orange = Canada
Green = Australia
Red = usually British or other nationality
Anything in bold, italics and coloured blue is a link to another site with more info.

Anything outrageous is usually humour and/or sarcasm.


  1. We had a Fordson before the John Deere. It ran on kerosene, but I think it was started with petrol. It looked like the one in the photo.

  2. Oh, and I just mentioned elsewhere about Sesame Street and zee and zed.

  3. Kevin Thompson does not, clearly, know his head from his arse! LOL

  4. Ahhh!
    They mentioned this during the grand parade, Andrew, starting the tractor with petrol but running it on the cheaper kero.

    I think we can easily show him, Cazzie lol.

  5. Oh yes, my pet hate, the 'Zee' instead of the 'Zed'. I always insisted my kids sing the ABC song with Zed, even though it didn't rhyme.

  6. Oh yes, my pet hate, the 'Zee' instead of the 'Zed'. I always insisted my kids sing the ABC song with Zed, even though it didn't rhyme.

  7. In the interests of better international understanding (as in, "can't we all get along"), might I venture there's a case for allowing a rare exception in the form of a zee or two. A Scots mate years back suggested, for example, it would grate to refer to ZZ Top as Zed Zed Top. They are Yanks after all.

    Creature of my impressionable youth, I hasten to add I still much prefer the zed. Can I still come over to play?

    Alright, go back to yer squabbling...

  8. LOL Sounds like me, Trace, did you get the "But it doesn't sound right, Muuuuum", too?

    Yes, you may still climb the paling fence and play on the swing set, Kuaka lol.