Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Holy concrete shoes, Batman! Let's get out of Gotham before November 19 makes old bones...

 Am not looking forward to stinking oppressive heat for Thursday...for you Northern Hemisphere folks it seems we're stealing your Winter warmth.
Please feel free to just snatch it back from us, ok?

....he's a happy chappy, is Larry.

1902 A 6 foot tidal wave hit Glenelg, flinging seaweed willy-nilly, scaring the bathers and causing the creek to run a banker.
Click HERE to see that I'm not hallucinating again.

What he said...

1902 The magisterial findings into the inquest of the sinking of the steam ship Ventnor was handed down which you can read HERE.
You can read more on the wreck of the Ventnor HERE.

The real reason Anne Boleyn parted company with her noggin; Henry had a fetish for unblemished concrete.

1948 On Prince Edward Island there was the official opening of the world's first commercial  microwave telecommunications system, linking PEI with the mainland.
More info HERE.

I missed him playing this particular footpath when he was last in Oz....

1969 The ship 'Hudson' sailed from Nova Scotia to study ocean currents in the Atlantic, Pacific and Antarctic.
C'mon, they were really on a boys fishing trip, weren't they?

The magic of inscribing this obviously worked....about 15 years later.

2008 Newly elected PM of NZ John Key was officially sworn into office.

This is what happens when Big Ears is out of town....

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  1. "...he's a happy chappy, is Larry."

    But only when Curly and Mo aren't slapping him senseless 'til his eardrums burst.

  2. Ahhh, the days when politicians knew they were just there for our entertainment...

  3. '"Dear me," said Mr. Quong Tart, Sydney's principal'. From the article about the steamship going down. I believe the he was an ancestor of present day actor Josh Quong Tart. I was going to write a post about him. Quite interesting family.

  4. Yep, you're right on the money there, Andrew!
    One bio article on the actor had a very brief mention of his illustrious forefather and, in a parallel universe kind of way, NZ had their own Quong Tart, Thomas Ah Quoi.

  5. That is Quoi and not Quiot Jayne?