Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Last Tassie Tiger

Go on, you think you know everything there is to know about it - the media trot out the tried and tired prattle everytime there's a mention of cloning them back into existence - "the last one was named Benjamin, a male, who died of old age at the Hobart Zoo, blah blah blah blah...."
How about trying the truth on for size ; the last one was a female with no name and she died from neglect and exposure due to a fragile male ego under threat from a chicky-babe who knew her onions.

Yeah, kinda doesn't make for good media copy, eh, the fact we managed to screw over the very last (known) Tassie Tiger cos a bloke didn't like being told by a woman *gasp* (how very dare she!) how to do his job despite the fact there were several zoo animals turning up their toes due to neglect in his "care" *ahem*.

Alison Reid (picture HERE) told her tale shortly before she died and it's not a tale that is taught in schools (similar to the fact Tassie Aboriginal People weren't extinct but that wasn't taught in schools for decades, either. Don't let facts get in the way of teaching history now, ya hear?!)
Have a read of some brief facts HERE.

Go read the chapter in Australian Tragic by Jack Marx or The Last Tasmanian Tiger; The History and Extinction of The Thylacine by Robert Paddle or Thylacine; The Tragic Tale of The Tasmanian Tiger by David Owen (excerpt HERE) to find out the truth.


  1. We can only hope, somewhere, maybe high in the mountains, they have survived.

  2. There was a will to see the Tasmanian Tiger absolutely exterminated. They were considered as a destructive sheep killer by station owners who shot them of course and there was a bounty on them that encouraged the extermination. What a travesty they even had them in London Zoo and they had bred. But like all things the species was not preserved. Sad.

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  4. you need to be an Australian History teacher babe.

    I found Aussie history boring as batshit at school, but you make it entertaining. As well as informative!