Thursday, November 5, 2009

Meals for the elderly

Yes, the elderly refuse to gnaw their way through oh-so-tender-steak-that-could-be-torn-like-a-piece-of-soggy-rice-paper.
Cos chewing can be so much like hard work.
Forgive me my snarkiness, but we have to cook a different menu to ensure the old bugger actually eats something more than his dessert...oh yes, we've tried the old "if you don't finish your meal you don't get any sweets" line but he'd happily trot off to bed with nothing on his stomach.
Pulmonary Fibrosis is a c*nt.
So, steam all vegies until you can mash 'em with a fork.
Add them to egg mixture and either
A - make a quiche
B - make an omelette
C - turn it into bubble and squeak served on butter-soggy toast
D -bake them into little vegie loaves and tell 'em they're savoury cakes for arvo tea.
Stews, casseroles and thick soups are another way to hide the vegies and get them into the old buggers.
 Use an extra large plate and serve up a big serving.
A - the large plate makes it look like a normal sized serving so they won't arc up about the amount.
B - the old buggers were usually brought up through the Depression and had it drummed into them to "never leave food on the plate" so they make an effort to actually eat most of it.
C - use bread and butter as side dishes for them to dip into stews/casseroles/soups while they're eating.
Let the old buggers graze throughout the day; little meals, full of calories, often, while they're watching the idiot box and not having to make an effort to chew.


  1. I understand your snarkiness, but, for the elderly, chewing can be hard. The teeth are worn down and no onger function as effectively, flase teeth may be ill fitting and uncomfortable to eat with, meaning food is often gummed instead, so needs to be easy. Another thing is with the elderly, digestion is not as efficient as it once was, so small meals more often of easy to eat foods is the way to go. You're doing the right thing there with the hidden vegies. I hope that when you're elderly you have someone as caring as you obviously are to help you.

  2. Yes, I understand all this as I was a nurse but it's very frustrating when the old bugger demands steak but doesn't eat the damn thing lol.

  3. Forgot you'd been a nurse. It certainly is frustrating when they demand a certain food and then won't eat it.