Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Ned Kelly Unearthed panel discussion

Thoroughly enjoyed it, Feral Beast thought it was fantastic - plus he got to meet and shake hands with Adam Ford the archaeologist (who has since completed a dig with Time Team in the UK) - there were a few pleasant surprises and new items since the archaeology dig.
Liz Marsden, Collections Manager at the Vic Police Museum, had a spot and spoke of the new discoveries in the police museum collection of items like an unpublished manuscript of the policeman who survived the Stringbark Creek murders, piles of letters from people offering to help the police in their search for the bushrangers and suggestions of what should be done.
*From Jan 4th, 2010 til June 25th 2010 the Police Museum will be holding an exhibition of the 'new' material and evidence called "Ambush".

Ian Jones, renown author and biographer of Kelly (and former scriptwriter for Crawfords), spoke as did Dr Claire Wright author of Beyond The Ladies Lounge; Australia's female publicans who chaired the discussion, and Alex McDermott historical researcher.
I really hope they put a podcast up of the discussion as it was a great evening, could have gone on for much longer - they actually went 20 mins over - as the collection of people were comfortable with each other, chatted back and forth easily, new perspectives were offered, new ways of presenting the evidence, the fact that Glenrowan is still a raw wound to many people and how delicate the dig had to be.
Fabulous discussion by well-researched people who knew their subjects inside and out - look forward to listening to any of them present another panel in the future.


  1. I heard a review of the book about female publicans. It sounded great.

  2. Yes, the book sounds like a good read ;)
    From what was said she's extending her essays into woman at Eureka into a full book, too.

  3. It's on Slow TV at

    Ah, isn't the internet wonderful?

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