Monday, November 16, 2009

November 17 landed with the UFO, Little People and a wee dram of black tea

Bizarre happenings, people!
Hidden messages from the Universe, perhaps.
Wandered down into the wilds of Windsor way yesterday (that's the non-Royal type of Windsor, Brian) when I needed to check the time, so I pulled out the little-used mobile phone.
Yes, the mobile is not used as a form of communication by moi but more of a time, I don't do watches although I have the odd pocket watch on a chain that is decorating my bookcase quite nicely.
Anyway, the phone (previously spot on for time keeping) tried telling me that not only was I now running on London time but that this particular London time was 10.07am on 5th January 2005.
Now.....I knew most of England had seen the big hand sweep past 10am a fair while back so that was off, for a start.
As for suddenly being on London time...almost 5 years in the past...? Doctor Who was telling me to "turn left" maybe?
Anyway I was early for my appointment so I checked out a street where my great grandparents once lived with their horde of offspring...turned left (!?) down the street shuddering at some of the "new" buildings hoping and praying the house was still in one piece.
And it was.
Standing there I looked at the front step that had seen multitudes of feet, my great grandparents and grandfather's feet...maybe my grandmother's feet when she father, uncle and aunt's feet when they did the "family Sunday" visits...
I wondered if their ghosts were jostling past this hoyden of a girl rudely crowding and staring at their front door...what if there was some metaphysical law about sending letters to the dead if their houses that held their memories still stood....
Then I remembered we were talking about Australia Post here and started crossing my fingers for this seasons Christmas cards to arrive in this century!

1876 The Melbourne Cup was won by Briseis who was ridden by 12 (or 13) year old Aboriginal (or non-Aboriginal) jockey Peter St Albans (or Michael Bowden).

1895 Mark Twain popped into Christchurch for the touristy turn around the town.
He was impressed with the dedication to the new-fangled craze the cycle, declaring half the population was parked on one while the other half must leap out of the way.

1921 Professor Robert Jack, perched in the Physics Dept of the University of Otago, gave the first radio broadcast in NZ.

1937 Professor Wood Jones vented his spleen in a speech at the Anthropological Society when he declared the story that the Aboriginal Peoples were a dying race when white settlers arrived was "humbug" and it was white man's way of whitewashing the extermination of native races.
"The Aborigines were never a dying race until we started to make them die."

Yellow = New Zealand
Orange = Canada
Green = Australia
Red = usually British or other nationality
Anything in bold, italics and coloured blue is a link to another site with more info.

Anything outrageous is usually humour and/or sarcasm. 


  1. "...that's the non-Royal type of Windsor, Brian..."

    Well, that's buggered up my Saxe-Coburg joke.

  2. Spooky timepiece!!! Its strange visiting place where our relatives used to live. I live in a farming community and a few miles down the road is a farmhouse where my 9th Great Grandfather and Grandmother lived in the early 1600's, my family lived there for over 200 years. I pass it everyday and its so weird to know that they farmed the land and probably built the dry stone walls. The family who live there now have been there since the 1920's. X

  3. I thought the Saxe-Coburgs were the joke, Brian :P

    That must be amazing, VK, to see that so often and to know exactly where your forefathers were, worked, lived and died!

  4. You just know that at the rate you post I'm never, ever, ever gonna catch up, right??

  5. LOL
    Anything to keep you busy, Mo :P

  6. Oooh, spooky Dr Who references. Love it.