Thursday, November 19, 2009

November 20 and the food stores are getting hit up big time, baby!

While you are reading this I shall be leaving home at 6.30am and being let loose on the town of Shepparton.
Yes, the SPC Factory sales are being descended upon for goodies galore nom nom nom nom nom like cranberry sauce, stuffed olives, gherkins, bbq marinades, prunes, apple sauce, gravies, pears in cranberry juice, sun-dried tomatoes, salmon both pink and red, bikkies, cakes, baked beans, 4 bean mix, Ruby Red Grapefruit juice, pasta, cheeses, snack packs, jellies, spices and all things nices.....
nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom
Oh, and I may remember to grab some food for Christmas, too.

1915 The cornerstone of the Montreal Free Public Library was ceremoniously laid in place.

1937 Santa decided to exchange his sleigh for a parachute but without Rudolph Santa ended up crash landing in Auckland.
Read further details HERE.

1989 The fabric roof of the Olympic Stadium in Montreal tore during a strong wind storm.

2005 The last NZ resident who served in WW1 passed away on the West Coast; Bob Rudd was 104, he fibbed about his age to join the British Army then immigrated to The Shaky Isles after the war.


  1. That's the first time I've ever seen gherkins regarded as 'goodies galore'.

    "Bob Rudd was 104, he fibbed about his age to join the British Army..."

    You'd have thought the Zimmer frame would have been a bit of a giveaway.

  2. Brian - you are quite a card!
    Jayne - I hate shopping but adore salmon - get some for me!

  3. Gherkins are delish, Brian, in fact I'll send you a container of them for Chrissy, ok? :P

    British Generals, like all army generals the world over, chose to turn a blind eye and declare it " personal protection".

    If you think he's a card here you should see his poker face over on his blog, BB ;)

  4. Whoa, sounds like a shopping spree and a half!

  5. It was, indeed, Trace!
    We are (joking) thinking of taking a truck next time ;)