Tuesday, November 24, 2009

November 24 all day til midnight...or the next round of rum....

 Sorry, been rather distracted of late, been doing stuffs 'n' fings for Chrissy.
Am off to a lecture with Feral Beast tonight on the archaeology dig they beavered away at in Glenrowan last year to see what they might find relating to Ned Kelly's stand in the pub at Glenrowan before his capture.
This lecture is followed by a tour of the glorious finds they will shortly have on display.
Don't wait up for us, ok?

See, the oldies knew how to have a wow of a time and get into the Festive spirit by starting Brumalia in the Byzantine Empire, a wine festival to honour the Greek God of Wine, Dionysis.
An' thosh pish-potsh would kee' on gurglin' the gut rot *hic* grog til th' Winter Solstice.
Think I might lie down for a few minutes....

1792 The very first play about the Fair Isle knitting pattern of Oz was performed in Paris under its title of Les Emigres aux Terres Australes.

1807 Joseph Brant, the Six Nations Mohawk Chief  who settled his people in Ontario, Canada, after supporting the British in the American Revolution, passed away on this day.
For more of Joseph Brant's bio click HERE.

1959 The sad and unexplained loss of all hands on board the Holmglen which foundered off Timaru on this day.
More info HERE.

1971 Aboriginal and church groups met for a service in Brisbane then peacefully marched to the Dept of Aboriginal and Islander Affairs in a anti-racism protest. A 'wall of police, backed up by another busload of police' were there to prevent the protestors gaining access to the building.
Of course it was reported in the media as 'a riot'.

1973 40,000 Aboriginals across the Isle of Oz voted representatives onto a National Aboriginal Consultive Committee to advise the Govt of Aboriginal needs.
Is there anyone listening...?

1981 The Metric Commission in Ontario proclaimed the order that all scales in 35,000 stores jump the fence from Imperial to Metric by December 1983 and that all advertising of goodies and yummy stuffs must be in metric after December 31, 1983.
Happy New Year to you, too!

Enjoy this great tune Oh My Stars from Paul McDermott and crew from the finale of Good News Week 2009.

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  1. "the oldies knew how to have a wow of a time.."
    Political correctness has slowed all that down a bit, nowadays everyone is afraid of offending everyone else.