Wednesday, November 25, 2009

November 25 hurtling us towards Christmess and the unending cleaning that awaits us all....

1803 William James Hobart Thorne, first billy lid of European settlers, was pupped at Sullivan Bay, the Collins Settlement near current-day Sorrento.
Please note the kid was lumbered with the middle name of 'Hobart' after Lord Hobart, Secretary of State for the colonies....before Hobart the town was established in Tassie. Ergo, we could say there was a Hobart in Victoria before Tassies capital was established!

1903 Bob Fitzsimmons won his 3rd World Boxing title, becoming one of NZ's earliest sporting heroes.
For further details on this magnificent sportsman click HERE.

1968 Jacqueline and Jillian Hennessy, twin sister actors, were born in Edmonton, Alberta.

1980 The Totem Pole was shifted from Little Hagley Park and plonked at Christchurch Airport.
Further details HERE.

1989 An earthquake hit Quebec, measuring 6 on the ol' Richter Scale.

2000 The Indigenous Sports and Culture Festival was held at Coorparoo in Brisvegas.
It's on again this Fri, Sat and Sun so if you're up that way pop along for a great time!

Kiwi of the week is Te Rauparaha.

Aussie grrl of the week is Beryl Guertner.

Canuck of the week is Thomas Phillips Thompson.

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Orange = Canada
Green = Australia
Red = usually British or other nationality
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  1. Yes my place has had an earthquake. I'm cleaning the entire house out..otherwise I'll be havign to find a place to stack my sister and her family when they cruise over the ditch at Christmas from Sydney.

    I hate cleaning...*goes off to find some mud to stick back on her overly clean gumboots*

  2. LOL, Liz!
    Shove it all under the beds ;)

  3. The way Christmas has flung itself on our doorsteps is quite startling! I can't believe it's only a month away!
    Might need to immerse myself in some history to cleanse my mind of the horrific though!

  4. "It's on again this Fri, Sat and Sun so if you're up that way pop along for a great time!"

    I'm taking a hammer to my piggy bank as I type, hoping to see if I can afford the tram fare.

  5. It's very rudely turned up unannounced, Mo!

    Hope that's a well-fed piggy, Brian :P

  6. Bugger christmas. Next year I'm starting my preparations in January...