Wednesday, November 4, 2009

November 5 when stuff happened but no firey eclipse or end of the world took place. Ho hum.

Inserted between the trivial tripe will be news items from November 5, 1938.
Beside yourself with excitement now, aren't you?
The kitty litter tray is thataway---------------->>>>>>>

Special mention for Brian ....Guy Fawkes got sprung or blew something up or peppered his parliamentary entry with too much powder.
Once upon a time we here in Oz would celebrate Guy Fawkes Day with bonfires and fireworks.
And then the Fun Police put a stop to it.
And now Nov 5 is as boring as batshyte in Oz.

1881 Parihaka, a settlement which protested peacefully against the confiscation of Maori land, was attacked by 1,600 police and volunteers.

The mining industry was pushing for a *gasp* 5 day working week....were they mad?!?!

1917 In Ontario the Cabinet passed a law banning the use of grain to produce alcohol for the rest of the War.
All those poor barleys that dreamt of soaking up the hops...

Conductor has nfi what Swing music is...colouring inside the lines also confuses him.

1946 The first industrial action of Indigenous People took place in the Pilbara region.

Actual work was taking place on railway infrastructure...were they mad?!?!

1956 Aunty (ABC) began working to earn our 8 cents per day by flashing herself in lounge rooms all over the state.

Automatic telephone exchanges and 133,809 telephone subscribers...madness, I tell you, this phone thing will never take off...!

1959 Bryan Adams was pupped on this date.
And to think - when he first hit Australian shores as a support act for The Police he gave out badges that read,
"It's ok, Bryan Adams doesn't know who you are, either."
Check out his website HERE.

Old bloke claims to be the oldest student from Heidelberg State School...if you're more ancient speak up!

1979 The Regent Theatre in Christchurch was gutted by fire.
To have a gander at some of the beauty of this renovated theatre befriend it on FB HERE.

Bragging that our double-decker buses would be better than London's...awww,bless their wee muddled brains.
Photo HERE.

1993 Cosgrove High School in Hobart was host to the first compulsory Aboriginal Studies Program in the Apple Isle.

Elastic rail spikes....?
She spun across the ballroom floor,
Her figure was fantastic,
Suddenly her rail spike fell down...
You can't trust Coles elastic.

1995 Martin Dickson became the first openly gay Presbyterian Minister in NZ on this day.

Clear your calendars for these upcoming the Metallic History of Great Britain, that's bound to be an enthralling arvo...the nurses' league is getting their heads together...Northcote Baths are open, woohoo....and many more events to bore you rigid keep you from the grip of insomnia.

1995 David Boys from Montreal became World Scrabble Champ.
W00T! (and that's a double word score).

In more exciting news the Church Film Society have got their grubby mitts, none of this Harry Potter or Twilight nonsense, it's The Seven Men of Preston.

Kiwi of The Week is Tohu Kakahi.
Read more about this chap HERE.

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Orange = Canada
Green = Australia
Red = usually British or other nationality
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  1. I give you rail work, but that's not enough.
    I give you imitation double decker buses, but that's not enough.
    I give you some poor old sod musical bloke who didn't know his arse from his elbow and yet you still want the only man who entered parliament with honest intentions?!

  2. 'Automatic telephone exchanges and 133,809 telephone subscribers...madness, I tell you, this phone thing will never take off...!' The beginning of the end of Lily Tomlin. :(

  3. "And now Nov 5 is as boring as batshyte in Oz."

    Yes...but at least you don't spend all night trying to coax the cats out from under the bed where they're shaking in fear. Bring back the traditional Guy Fawkes night, that's what I say, and let's chuck a few catholics on the fire.

  4. I'm against Guy Fawkes in terms of selling fireworks to the public. Public displays are more fun as far as I'm concerned. Yes indeed -- I'm one of the party poopers who can't wait for this imported festival, bringing in heaps of commercial profits, and injured animals and people, to come to its annual end.

  5. Thank you, Andrew! LOL

    Feel like roasting a few Bennies, Brian?

    Can I assume it's still celebrated in NZ, Lisa?
    I'm happy to export our Federal & State pollies to be put in the stocks for a public display of entertainment ;)

  6. Is it still celebrated in NZ, you ask? Oh yes, indeedy yes, this Kiwi responds with a hollow laugh.

    I'll accept your offer of alternative entertainment, though. Provided we can chuck in our own homegrown pollies for balance ...

  7. Ahhh, I see, it's over TWO nights, Lisa!
    Fireworks sales were limited to adults only about 20 odd years ago here in Oz and even then you need a permit to set them off.
    Guy Fawkes Day was kicked to the kerb back in the 60's I think, along with Empire Day and a bajillion other holidays/celebrations.
    Yep, I think the mix of pollies would be a nice blend... ;)

    She's still at it today, River :P