Friday, November 6, 2009

November 6 and a warning not to waste one's valuable sleeping time listening to tripe.

Woke up to hear the radio presenter chatting to a gal from New York ( that's 20 mins of my life I'm never getting back again). During the conversation someone emailed in asking if the meat baloney was the same as the saying "that's a load of baloney" to which she replied yes.
A little later on someone else emailed in asking if the word baloney was a corruption of the word Blarney (as in the Irish Blarney Stone).
The gal from NY got up on her high horse and spat the dummy big time, becoming a sarcastic smartarse saying "Well why don't you go back to your Google search engine and look up Balogna in Italy as that's more likely where the word comes from and I know what I'm talking about because I've eaten baloney and it's a mystery meat, nothing to do with the Blarney Stone. We haven't used that saying for nearly 20 yrs over here you're more likely to hear "that's a load of horse*** ..."
She was so incensed and spitting nails she accidentally hung up her phone on-air!
When she rang back she was still going on about the origins of the word baloney (despite the presenter's efforts to change the subject) and being rude toward the poor person who'd asked a simple question!
Memo to self - don't bother waking up to listen to that segment again.

1810 Never let it be said that Gov Lachlan Macquarie was just a pretty face hosting the first Survivor series in the colonies...
Macquarie let Riley, Blaxcell and Wentworth become the sole importers of rum - rum, that which greased the wheels of the settlement and made everything seem almost civilised (and convict blokes looked almost like eligble bachelors through a rum haze) - on the proviso that they build a proper hospital.
See, Rudd? That's how it's done.

1830 Te Rauparaha's war party popped in for a nasty mischief to the homebodies at Akaroa then they went on their way to Kapiti Island with some captives and a pile of human flesh.
Sorry, gone vegetarian this week...

1879 Thanksgiving was first officially observed in Canada on this date before it was shifted to share the week with Armistice Day post-WW1 then in 1957 it was moved, again, to the second Monday in October.

1906 The first long distance telephone line snaked its way up hill and down dale to reach Regina from Winnipeg.
But was there any gossip worth lifting the handset for...?

1908 PM Joseph Ward hammered home the final spike in the North Island Main Trunk Line.
For more info click HERE.
If you pop over to The New Zealand Journal you'll find some recent news of a former station stop being re-introduced and some great old photos.

1968 Surgeons in Toronto performed the first transplant into a human eye using a plastic cornea implant.
Ahh, yes, it's all clear to me now...

1984 The Christchurch Gay Taskforce was born on this day.

1991 Canadians put out the last of the 751 oil well fires started by Iraqi President Saddam Hussein's troops at the end of the Gulf War.
Obviously none of you guys were around to fix this mess up off the coast of Oz recently...

1992 Indigenous Archaeological sites in Tasmania, at Rocky Cape, were reclaimed by Aboriginal People.
Goodness! You'd think they owned them or something...!

1997 Indigenous People were offered an apology from the various religious orders for their past treatment of Aboriginal People.

Yellow = New Zealand
Orange = Canada
Green = Australia
Red = usually British or other nationality
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Anything outrageous is usually humour and/or sarcasm.

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  1. I've always thought "that's a load of baloney" was a corruption of "that's a load of blarney".

    (that's a load of "meat" just doesn't sound right, whereas that's a load of "excessive flattery" makes much more sense.)

    Blarney::excessively complimentary language, to flatter