Saturday, November 21, 2009

Stuff and....stuff

There's a few things that have grabbed my attention today ...Ohh, shiney! the Scottish Govt making businesses recyle.
A govt that is making people rethink their piles of crap.
Will the Govt be doing the same? Who knows but it's a first step and might I point out it's a damn sight more than Ruddles, Wong & Co have managed to cobble together in Canberra.

Scottish classrooms seem to be circling the plughole alongside their Oz counterparts...let's all hold hands, sing Kumbya and toast marshmallows before the world ends.

All you button fetish freaks can get your fix at Buttonmania's sale that starts Monday.
Yeah, yeah, those multiplying tins didn't all belong to "granny"...we've seen your sort before, loitering around dusty op shops, poking through those jumbled goods at garage sales and the odd white elephant stall, looking to get your next button hit...

On the same link is news of Christmas Event to be attended come hell or mother-in-law visits, consisting of gifts, cards, hand made glorious goodies and vintage haberdashery - MarchRouge, check link for dates and times.

Black Bird Summer Market is about to launch itself upon Fitzroy and the world so click the link and check out the huge array on offer and pick up some Chrissy gifts for your nearest and dearest...and after you've filled your wardrobe maybe a little something for the family?

No, not a dicky bird of trivial history tonight.
Cos I'm draggin' this sad and sorry carcass to bed to catch up on sleep after so many nights in the heat....and I can listen to the rain on the roof as I drift off...
Heard a fantastic albeit far too short interview with the Topp Twins last Sat'dee night on the wireless.
If you are not au fait with the Topp Twins you may find crib notes HERE (there will be an exam at the end of this post).
Congrats to them on their successful flick (which bested Michael Moore's effort), the awards they've won, the tour they're embarking on and the cancer fight Jools recently won.
Top chicks are the Topp Twins.

Now for the exam....if you can lick your elbow you're a better gal than me, Gunga Din !


  1. "Zero Waste means that everyone in Scotland – business, householders and the public and voluntary sectors – needs to reflect on how to reduce the amount of waste that is produced"

    They could start by sticking bungs in politicians' and spin-doctors' gobs.

  2. Exactly, Brian, but we've got to start small before we tackle large walking piles of verbal diarrhea like that.

  3. Summer market??? That threw me for a minute or three.
    Liked the button link. I was expecting to see pins with silly sayings on them.

  4. What's wrong with singing Kumbayah, I ask you? ;)

  5. LOL Our weather is throwing us all over the place at the moment, Elizabeth lol.

    Absolutely nothing, Rhubarb...except for the odd-looking guy with clammy hands who always sits begind the girls and mouth breathes....

  6. Button, button, who's got the button?
    I had a HUGE button collection when my kids were small. They learnt to differentiate colours, sizes, shapes, they learnt to count, thread and glue them. They learnt flowers and animals from them. Remember such things as cow buttons, mickey mouse buttons, fluffy yellow ducky buttons? I had them all and more. Probably should have been a kindy teacher, except I would have gone nuts at all those dear little Johnnies and Marys who hadn't been taught to wipe their noses....