Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thunderbolts and lightning, not-really-very frightening to me! Galileo...dum dum dum dee

Ahh, yes, muggy humid weather followed by thunderstorms and bucketing rain.
We must have moved to Queensland!
No, we're still in Melbourne?
Then it must be politician-hot-air-blather-induced-climate-change.
Gag every pollie and the world might be saved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1854 The Angel of Long Point, Abigail Becker, single handedly rescued the captain and crew members of the schooner Conductor which foundered off Long Point in Lake Erie.
She later went on for an encore to rescue more sailors in the same fashion.
You can download and read her life story HERE.

1910 James Simpkins, cartoonist and creator of Jasper the Bear, was born on this day in Winnipeg.
*Apologies to all Canucks, would have included a link to the entry in the Canadian Encyclopedia but it's not connecting today and I'm trying to post this before the next thunderstorm hits.

1919 The Victorian State Eclectricity Commission (hands up those who remember the halcyon days of the SEC? Blackouts/brownouts and blaming possums for power issues were unheard of! See what progress and privatisation has brought us...?!) took a gander at the brown coal field in Morwell and said,
"That's the place for a settlement powerhouse!".

1959 Memorial Avenue, a memorial to the fallen airmen of WW2, was officially opened in Burnside.
Further details and photo HERE.

1960 Kiwi Keith Holyoake began his 12 year reign as NZ PM.
For more of his bio click HERE.

1979 For 1 week NZ/Oz band Mi Sex was at the top of the charts with Computer Games.

2005 Narrabeen Man, the remains of a 1,500 year old Aboriginal man, was found near a bus stop in Narrabeen.
For further details click HERE.

*Edit Thanks to Canadian historian Cheryl MacDonald for the correct year of Abigail Becker's first courageous rescue. 

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  1. Computer Games was the first single I ever bought - except I bought it second hand in 1983!!!

    Behind the times even in my youth...

  2. LOL
    Might be a bit late but excellent taste nonetheless, Jeanie ;)

  3. I've been to Long Point. I've never rescued anyone. Guess I'm not an angel.
    Wonder if Abigail was fishing for a hubby?

  4. "Gag every pollie." Wouldn't that be a sight for sore eyes.

    I love that Queen song, Bohemian Rhapsody isn't it?

  5. LOL Elizabeth, good point!

    Indeed, would be a lovely sight, River.
    Yes, it is :)