Saturday, November 7, 2009

A Vintage blog discovery...with history...and books, too!

I blame Andrew.
He started the 6 degrees of separation by mentioning I Wear A Hat who in turn then mentioned Circa Vintage Clothing ; from there it was all downhill as far as my resistance went and I've spent the past 30 mins drooling over the Art Deco in Goulburn brought to you by the glorious gal of Circa Vintage Clothing, Nicole Jenkins.

Who has a vintage clothing store in Fitzroy.
*nudges Brian of Fitzroyalty*

Who also has a book out.
Love Vintage.
Good girl, she's even listed where to get her Love Vintage book in Oz and NZ.

And who has helped organise a fashion parade to launch another book Our Girls; Aussie Pin Ups of the 40s & 50s.
What: “Our Girls” book launch with Circa ’50s fashion parade and other stars.
Where: The Order of Melbourne, 401 Swanston Street, Melbourne
When: Wednesday November 11th at 6pm
Cost: Free entry.

Remember boys and girls - Xmas is just around the corner!!!


  1. Thanks, I was not able to attend Nicole's book launch last month (, but I love her shop!

  2. Hi! Just a quick visit to say I received an invite to Google Wave. Part of the deal is that I can now invite people myself by adding their email address within my wave site so they too can have access to Google Wave. If you are interested please let me know.

    Take Care,

  3. Guilty perhaps I am but I had no idea it would snowball.

  4. Adult $8.50 Concession $3

    What is a concession or perhaps it should be who is a concession and if it's who how did the term come about?...enquiring minds what to know.

    I could easily become a concession if it saves me money. That frugal side just won't stay down.

  5. Christmas is just around the corner? Checks calendar. Oh Sh*t!!
    Plans shopping trip.......

  6. "Remember boys and girls - Xmas is just around the corner!!!" anyone needs reminding.

  7. Ahh, good, you're excellent taste isn't slipping then, Brian ;)

    Yes, please, Peter :)

    It's a good snowball, Andrew, like the pile of ice cubes you find hiding at the back of the freezer on a 34 degree day *blinks* Gee just like today!

    Concession is a cheaper price for seniors (over 60) pensioners of any type (with a pension card) and the like, Elizabeth.
    You know, I've never thought of how it came about or when, it's just always been there.

    Yep, River!

    See above, Brian :P