Friday, November 27, 2009

Water, water everywhere and not a drop to let's push up the prices to bail out Victoria's regional water boards!

Yes, you can see by the title it's going to end in tears, best cover the kiddies eyes now and pray for a miracle from on high - like a big cloud burst over all the catchment areas and a biblical flood to scour the water board committees from the land.

Let's run this rabbit down into it's burrow, boys and girls...
We're in a drought.
We've got feck all and nothing in the way of water, regional areas are doing it even tougher with even less water, harsher restrictions (in some areas) and reduced/non-existent irrigation for food production.
Along comes this BS North-South Pipeline that's supposed to take the "saved" water (water supposedly saved from covering the irrigation channels and renewed 'accurate' wheels) from a stressed river system and pump it down to Melb so we can have a slash, splash the shoes and flush the loo.
By the way, you can only "save" what you've got in your hot little hand not what you might not spend in the future or in this case, stop evaporating.
It's the same as saying,
"I'm not going to spend next weeks' wage, then I'll have a bajillion dollars in the bank to pay the builders for the swimming pool"
Reality is you lose you job or your wage is slashed so you don't save nearly as much as you planned to save but you've got to keep paying the builder because the infrastructure was built and you promised them money.
So there won't be much water saved but the Govt will have to open the BS North-South Pipeline and pump water from the stressed system because the infrastructure was built and they promised us water.
*Link to today's news article on false water savings on north-south pipeline*

 NOW, the water boards are up shyte creek in a barbed wire canoe without the proverbial paddle and what's their idea to solve this mess?
Yes, squeeze Joe Blow general household water consumer for more money cos no one can do without access to basic water.
These multiple water boards have everything fallen into the shyte with nary a sewerage farm in sight!
What's Coliban Water's solution?
Jack up the prices for households to bail their arses out of the crap.

Coliban has been trading in water (yep, we can buy temporary water on the market if our business is impacted by the drought...doesn't that sum up all irrigators?)  buying water from irrigators to 'top up urban use' (yeah, we won't have a damn thing to eat cos the food producers can't grow anything but we flush the loo!), upping the price of water (water will soon be considered the new cavier while the peasants gargle soft drink),....yet, there's bugger all water being delivered to those who need it.
Supply and demand works like this-
We want water, water boards deliver water, we pay for the water.
In this case it's become-
We want water, water boards can't deliver very much water, we pay a lot more for the not very much water.
No water and bugger all food.
Food producers are getting the rough end of the pineapple, many are going to the wall through drought, lack of irrigation water rights, increased export levies and cheap govt-subsidised over-seas imports flooding the Aussie market.
Put simply...
We're rooted.


  1. You'll just have to use recycled urine...or as we call it over here, Foster's.

  2. Oh yeah - got to value it when it isn't here no more - in fact, wish we had valued it when it was in abundance...

  3. Ahhh, that's the export piss up for you, Brian :P

    Feast or famine, Jeanie!

  4. I'd planned on growing my own fruit and veg to make life easier on myself when I'm a pensioner and can't afford to buy fresh stuff, but the water restrictions put the kybosh on that quick smart, can't grow anything worth growing on a dribble twice a week. Now the growers can't get enough watre either so the cost of food is going to increase again. Where will that leave all the poor people? Governments and mediacal people keep saying we need to eat more fruit and veg and less fast(cheap) food....Please god, (all the gods), send rain, lots of rain..

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