Monday, November 9, 2009

Whittlesea Show part deaux...with a double half pike split

Again with the real food...anyone would think these people grew the damn stuff or something...

The black sheep of our family...

The blacksmith checking his mobile....
That sentence just sounds sooooo wrong lol.

Many of these here wee engines; some flattened aluminium drink cans, others pumped water while even more burbled away on kero/petrol/diesel/and oily rag and did...something.


An apron without a pocket is like a dyke without a bike...

The TARDIS blends into any setting...

Jasper, the 27 yr old Shetland pony.

Food stall.


Wee baby Shetland only 10 days old.

Sawing demo on old steam-driven machinary.

Again steam-driven wood sawing demo, different machine.

Yes, much droolage was taking place.

Goodness, where did he come from...Newcastle with the woolly backs?
*As the term originated from those working in woollen factories who'd carry the fleeces on their back*

Not sure if you'll be able to read it but this was a hut pulled behind the working teams and they'd sleep in it of a night.


2 working bullock teams, from Nowra, showing what a good bullock driver can do with the right commands, a handful of dust and some chaff...

Tomorrow - the Grand Parade.


  1. Oh a spring fair. Couldn't believe the produce. All spring fresh? We don't get such bounty til fall when we have our fairs. Royal Winter Fair in Toronto, the last and the biggest, is on/or just was.
    Love the model T. Had to be my favourite old vehicle.

  2. Ooooooooh, A&P show time. That means Canterbury (NZ) show weekend must be at the end of this week...

    Here in US Midwest you can chew on a corn stalk or something - Halloween leftovers before the snows. Ice fishun'...

  3. "Many of these here wee engines"

    Sounds like our new cat. She's a wee engine 'cos she's always piddling round the house.