Monday, November 9, 2009

Whittlesea show

Dragged Feral Beast out to the Whittlesea Show yesterday...well, it was more I dragged him out of bed then had to run all day to keep up with him!
Now, housekeeping...let's get the nasty stuff out of the way first off.
Transport to the show was not the best; caught the 7.33am train from Oakleigh to Parliament then caught another train to Greensborough
Yes, the ONLY bus route that travelled to the Whittlesea showgrounds was sticking to it's rigid Sunday time table that runs every 90 mins and does not begin until 9.48am from Greensborough station.
I rang Dyson's only to find that to increase the route services is the territory of the Govt (Hello, Kosky, my old friend...I've come to talk to you again...check yer inbox, love, there's a good pet...).
10 kms out of Whittlesea and we were slowed to a crawl with bumper to bumper traffic.
All going to the show.
Single lane each way, Melbourne-bound side totally empty.
Many new housing estates being built.
Ahead we could see the devastation Black Saturday had wrecked on the hill sides.
Evacuation  ?!
Are you kidding?!
Eventually the almost full bus got to the showgrounds and
FABulous time!

Awww, we want.
Please, Santa...?

See? All pretty an' polite an' precioussssssss

And this, lil Johnny, is called unprocessed food, not the type you get from the golden arches but it is good for you.

Throughout the show there were many items and events that were not only fun and excitingly new for FB but many others which caught my eye and reminded me of blogging friends....

*waves to Marita*

Click to enlarge, you might be able to read the speil on the history of the Whittlesea Show.

Bags I'm going out feet first in this beauty!

Ohm yes, there were tractors.
There were lots of tractors, lots of Fergie tractors.
I could be crass and claim I broke the drought for the amount of drool I left behind...

If you really love me you'll buy me this beauty...

Anyone for a cuppa and some damper...?

If I'd known you were comin' I'd have baked a cake....
*waves to Kelley*

Awww, how cute...and sweet...and delicious with minted peas, rich gwavy and baked potatoes...

*waves to Frogdancer*



More later.


  1. What about ME? Where were the horses? And great danes?

  2. I did think of you while the horses were eventing and the Angus were strutting their stuff in the grand parade. We eyed off garden benches with iron inserts of a silhouette of a number of bushies lined up on a fence waiting...just like your photo of the boots resting on the wooden fence crossbar ;)
    They also had cast iron garden arches with galloping horses along the top of the frame.

  3. Love your blog.Love your photos.

    Query photo #59 has a blue/white sticker on windscreen - and I'm going wtf or do I need glasses.

  4. An almost country show. What fun.
    'Bags I'm going out feet first in this beauty!' What happened to the cardboard box?

  5. OMG, Frances! I hadn't even noticed that sticker until you pointed it out LOL.

    It was great fun, Andrew.
    Meh, cardboard, plant me straight in the ground ;)

    They were cute and fluffy and oh so sweet, Scott.