Thursday, December 3, 2009

The 4th of December and the plague-ridden one gave to me....

 ....ringworm and headlice and an email from a Nubian princess.
Yep, the gifts that keep on giving long after the silly season is over *snort*

Have been touching up Santa and his reindeers this past week until he is almost ready to come out and be unveiled.
Rainbow Santa will have the neighbours talking non-stop soon, so when looking at popping over to have a gander just follow the nattering nellies!

1902 Ontario brought in Prohibition and went dry.
I saw a photo of police smashing barrels of whisky and haven't got over the horror of it yet.

1905 Fans of actress Sarah Bernhardt rioted after her performance when a fabricated interview was published in which it alleged the famous actress had claimed that French-Canadians were "priest-ridden Iroquois".

1937 Dept stores in Canada began displaying the Dionne quintuplets dolls but Shirley Temple dolls were still the favourites for Xmess pressies that year.

1958 Oh how proud Lenin would have been if he could only have seen the day when Victorian Railways One Class suburban travel was born, doing away with 1st and 2nd class.

1966 To the strains of Matt Munro's Born Free Radio Hauraki burst onto the pirate radio scene in NZ.
More info HERE.

1978 Speaking of the Russian revolution... Boney M was in the top of the charts with Rasputin.
Boogy on down, baby, with the videon HERE.

2003 Aboriginal pop singer Jimmy Little was honoured with the Australia Council's Red Ochre Award.
Drift into his gorgeous dulcet tones in Down Below or on RocKwiz.

Kiwi of the week is Aussie-born NZ PM Michael Savage.

Aussie of the week is  Tassie-born Melbourne doctor Constance Stone.


  1. A Hickey mark in a pear tree? haha

  2. There is a Constance Stone laneway at the Queen Victoria shopping centre. I thought I experienced 1st and 2nd class travel on suburban trains. Clearly not. It must have been on country trains.

  3. I remember seeing the movie that was made about the Dionne quins and I was horrified at the way those little girls were exploited.

    I like Boney M and Rasputin is my favourite song of theirs. It makes me want to get up and dance. Not that I can.

  4. MOTY used to call me Sarah Bernhardt when I was little.

    I have no idea why... *bats eyelids innocently*

  5. *Snort* LOL, Cazzie!

    Good to hear, Andrew, she seems like a ballsy chick I'd like to have met.

    Yes, it was toe-curling, River.
    Dance like no one can see you ;)

    ROFL Kelley!

  6. "Have been touching up Santa and his reindeers this past week..."

    Isn't there a law against that? (Well...somebody had to say it eventually.)

  7. I'm gonna have nightmares over that 1st little snippet you assaulted my eyes with.
    What sort of sick bastard does that??
    Reminds of a kid I used to go to school with...all he ever said was Ra Ra Ra...great song though!

  8. LOL, MO, yeah, still shaking from the sheer horror of it!

    Lover of the Russian queen
    There was a cat that really was gone*

  10. He was something else, B, lol.