Saturday, December 12, 2009

Archbishop Mannix and the many, many Queens.....!

Pottering amongst the fish wrapper headlines of yesteryear when I stumbled over a tiny nugget of gold - in 1920 Catholic Archbishop Daniel Mannix was passing out tiaras with gay abandon crowning queens the Queen of Oakleigh.
Sorry, got led astray by my smutty mind...or Susan Boyle's Wild Horses, I forget which but there was a lot of fog, girls in lederhosen and gimp masks....

1927 (weren't they an Aussie band back in the day...?) found Mannix still the Archbishop and still planting tiaras on precious princesses, this time promoting the Queen of Sport up to the Queen of Oakleigh.
Excitingly, the Nurses' Home at the Royal Eye and Ear Hospital was grandly opened, too.
Bet those nurses were damn thankful to have a roof over their heads at last.
But, fear not, I'm certain that Nurses' Home only lasted as long as Whelan the Wrecker's patience in waiting for an actual permit to destroy the beautiful buildings of the Eye and Ear hospital such was the rush to erect the hideous red brick monstrosity that sits there still *gag*.

In between all this merriment, in 1918, Hawthorn was really letting its hair down by holding a "Carry On" Carnival (Ooo, err)  which was opened by a Sir John Madden whom we hope is not currently spinning fit to drill for oil in his grave at the actions of his namesake as regards some heritage listed buildings.

Apart from the thrilling news that December of 1924 Preston Council was investing in an imported road roller, Caulfield kerb markets were no longer officially out-lawed and that Swan street drainage wasn't up to scratch Oakleigh was having - wait for it - late night shopping accompanied by torchlight processions, the Oakleigh Band playing merrily in the street under extra coloured and plain electric lights (generously provided by the council).
How about that road roller, hey!

But notably over all these glittering crowns was THE sparkly one which belonged to The Queen of The Flowers who happened to be Miss Phyllis Wilkinson; Phyl had apparently worked hard in her fund-raising to gain the uber-mega Skywalker game level of Queen of the Violet which, when coupled with her tally bonus scores votes gained her the title and crown of The Queen of The Flowers for 1935.
Onya Phyl!


  1. A Carry On Carnival? Phwoar! Bet they 'ad some crackin' floats at that 'un. Not alf! Y' should 'ave sin the melons! And as for the majorettes, what a smashin' pair! No Matron no! etc.

  2. In the words of Dick Emery
    "You are a naughty boy...but we do like you!"

  3. Ah yes, we did like Dick Emery. Now that you've jogged the memory, I wonder how I ever forgot him. So funny.