Saturday, December 26, 2009

Boxing Day and the turkey is still going and going and going and going

And now begins the Twelve Days of Christmas.
But we shall not carol about lords a'leaping or how many geese are plopping bum nuts out.
No, we shall instead dedicate the 12 days to the turkey everyone will be eating ad infinitum.

On the first day of Christmas my true love said to me
I'm glad we've bought a turkey and a proper Christmas tree.

1852 The Marco Polo, the famously fast New Brunswick-built ship, rocked up in Liverpool back from Melbourne, Australia in a mere 140 days. As the trip usually took 240 days the captain was strongly suspected of being a leadfoot but he claimed t'was the brilliant Canuck craftsmanship of the boat that got him zipping about in what was declared the world's fastest ship.

1855 Having neglected to invent the Boxing Day Cricket Test match to while away their time post-waistcoat button popping Xmess dinner the chaps in the Public Works Dept got together for a wicked time and laid the foundation stones of the future Victorian State Parliament.
Thank goodness for cricket!

1866 Finding the laying of foundation stones merely yawn-worthy a team of Aboriginal cricketers was put together by Tom Wills (he who helped invent Aussie Rules Football) from all over the Western District of Victoria and played a match against the Melbourne Cricket Club at the MCG in front of 11,000 (some reports state 8,000) spectators.

1879 Over the ditch the Irish Catholics and Orangmen thought the Boxing Day theme could be taken to a whole new level by attacking one another in Timaru and Christchurch.

1905 The Automobile Association, in a possible effort to keep the men entertained with a lack of cricket, held the Great Automobile Gymkhana at the Addington trotting track with the very first official car race in NZ.
Which was more entertaining than the Sydney to Hobart boat race...

1937 Ronnie Prophet, singer and comedian, was pupped on this day.
Read more about this talented Canuck HERE.

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  1. Just remember that a turkey is for Christmas, not for life.

  2. What a great resource!