Sunday, December 27, 2009

December 27 and the turkey goes on....

The 12 Days of  Xmess and Xmess turkeys are somewhat like the Duracell Bunny; they go on and on and on and on...

On the first day of Christmas my true love said to me
I'm glad we've bought a turkey and a proper Christmas tree.

On the second day of Christmas much laughter could be heard
As we tucked into our turkey - a most delicious bird.

1675 King Charles II outlawed coffee houses.
12 days later this proclamation was withdrawn as it was not quite legal (and people were a tad upset).
Coffee houses attracted the intellectuals in herds who'd gather to gossip and poor old Charlie 2 had been warned of the seditious discussions that might possibly be on his subjects' lips...
Plus he didn't fit in with intellectuals did poor old Charlie 2.

1803 Daniel Boon William Buckley was a man, he was a biiiiig man...who happened to be a convict cos he was a very naughty boy but we'll overlook this fact as we romanticise him ....he buggered off from the Sullivan Bay settlement in Sorrento and lived with the Aboriginal People for 32 years.
Not even a postcard.

1926 Pioneer of bush flying in remote, difficult areas of Canadian wilderness HA "Doc" Oaks began flying supplies to the Bathurst Mines in Hudson. He also developed methods for heating and maintaining engines in savage winter conditions.

1987 Kiwi of The Week Rewi Alley , favourite in his adopted land of China, passed away on this day.
Read more about this beloved foreigner HERE.

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  1. Alley was interesting. What times he lived through in China.

  2. He was, indeed, and he was at the crest of the wave as it was building; wonder if he ever stopped to look back to see how far it had taken him?