Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Have your bibs at the ready...! Aussie Ice Cream & Fruit Tart

The above dish is due to Lisa from Timespanner asking about an old recipe called Aussie Ice Cream.

The Spouse decided he'd try it out to see what it tasted like; the recipe is dead easy to follow and make, no special ingredients you need to buy other than the usual suspects you'd probably have in your pantry (no artificial crap, chemicals, numbers, colours, blah blah blah).
BUT it's super yummy!
We'll be making this from now on, no more bought stuff for us!

The fruit tart is simple to make, too, especially if you're caught short for time and/or guests dropping by or an easy dish to bring to a BBQ/party.

1 sheet of puff pastry draped over a pie dish, do not trim.
Bake in oven til golden brown and puffy.
Toss in fruit of choice (tinned, fresh or whatever), sprinkle with a little brown sugar, bake for a few mins to warm through.
Cut into quarters, serve with home made Aussie Ice Cream. 
Beat off those who demand 2nds with a large stick.


  1. Looks excellent, easy - and very yummy...

  2. I like the idea of home made icecream, but there's a bit of fiddling around involved that I'm not prepared to do, so I'll stick with the bought variety.

  3. It is, Jeanie, easy and frugal, too ;)

    Not too much fiddling, River :)

  4. Oh, how neat! Fabulous result -- I'll give it a bit of a go myself soon as the crazy period's over.

  5. I was told that Aussie Ice Cream was the same as ice cream everywhere else except for the chunks of meat in it.

  6. We used Vanilla essence, Lisa, turned out really well :)

    Yep, that would be the road kill we recycle, Brian and we only put it in our yoghurts not the ice creams :P

  7. Oh yum! I remember my Mum used to make ice cream but I seem to remember it took 3 bloody days, which used to drive me nuts...freeze, mix, refreeze, mix, it seemed to go on forever...or maybe I only thought it did?
    This looks fabulous, and the minute my butt doesn't need wide load signs to leave the house, I'm gonna have a go...