Friday, December 4, 2009

Look what followed me home, Ma !

This gorgeous Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo was one of a pair who I noticed in the neighbourhood earlier in the day; chattering away to each other the male was almost sprawled on the nature strip chewing away at a pine cone he'd gnawed off a nearby tree.
I whistled and talked to him as I approached and the cheeky chappy chattered back although, having failed fluent Parrot at school, I was unable to reply to what was probably a kind offer of a luke-warm mud puddle and a peck of pine cone. He allowed me to get within approx. 2 feet of him before he lazily took to wing and wafted up to the top of the nearest fence.
The description of 'slowly flapping wings' is exact; you almost think you're watching them in slow-motion, seemingly so laid back and laconic in their attitude.
Typical Aussie!
For some fab clearer photos and detailed info on this cheeky character click HERE.
Please note they've gone into 'rapid decline' of late; have a good look at another species we may lose in our living memory and make an informed choice when next buying timber.

Rainbow Santa; he's been touched up til he's tickled pink and he knows if you've been naughty or nice.


  1. "Please note they've gone into 'rapid decline' of late..."

    I know how they feel.

  2. While I may have seen one at a zoo, I have never seen them wild. What a great experience.

  3. Brian want a cracker?

    It was, Andrew, really lovely :)

  4. I once saw a pair of black cockatoos flying overhead. They were way up high and weren't yellow tailed, just black. But I've been here 7 years and only seen them the once. There are redtailed ones too aren't there? Never seen any of those either.
    Love your Santa.

  5. That's lovely. Aussie birds are nothing if not full of character ;)

    Santa scrubbed up good!

  6. Yep, both the red and yellow ones aren't normally seen in the 'burbs, another sign of how little habitat is left for these beautiful native birds.

    Thanks, B, Santa loved his scrubbing :P

  7. We're getting lots of them around here lately (mid north coast NSW - right by the beach.) I love them too, they are awesome birds, the way they ponderously flap their wings.. They have one hell of a screech on them. Unmistakeable. Also, they can strip bark and wood like nobody's business - I watched one rip up a half dead branch in our garden one day, getting at the insects in it. Didn't care about the half dead, sticky shrub - but the damage the bird did was classic!

  8. Saw my first Echidna - in the wild - the other day. Haven't seen one in the wild since childhood on Kangaroo Island; 50 years ago.