Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Meet the newest love of my life, John Gawler, architect, Dean and visionary

Yes, I've kicked The Spouse to the kerb.
No, c'mon, seriously.
Would I do that to the kerb...?

Do you ever come across a dead person whose mind/brain/thought process was uber-sexy and perfect and stuffs?
Got not the foggiest of which I'm blathering?
John S. Gawler, leading architect, lecturer and vocal chap in the Royal Victorian Institute of Architects.
Also, very first Dean of Architecture at University of Melbourne.
Now this bloke was a good egg.
He proposed, amongst many forward-thinking ideas, that the facades of buildings being demolished should be salvaged and attached to newer buildings so as to not only retain the character, atmosphere and street scape of a passing era but to inspire and educate students and the public of the future while preserving the city's history.
Only a few facades were saved in this manner *sob*; the Colonial Bank entrance arch, which was slapped on the School of Physiology (then, later, on the entrance to the Uni of Melb carpark) and the facade of the Bank of NSW in Collins st was stuck on the front of the Commerce Buiding at Uni of Melb, with other sculptures and entrances.
These 'bits of old buildings' (as some would describe them) are now considered pieces of art, included in the sculpture trail on show at the University of Melb.
He published a book of memoirs titled A Roof Over My Head in 1963 which would be a fabulous read.


  1. I imagine this would be the very same Mr Gawler for whom the Town of Gawler in South Australia is named?

    The town was used as the fictional town in McLeods Daughters 'Gungellan'.

  2. I am *this* close to kicking my own spouse to the kerb...if only the bugger didn't have his own key!

  3. Hi Ness!
    No, sorry, t'was a different Mr Gawler, explained here.

    Bit of blu-tack in the keyhole, River...?

  4. "...ever come across a dead person whose mind/brain/thought process was uber-sexy and perfect and stuffs?"

    Samantha Fox, who technically isn't dead, I know, but whose brain is far from fully functioning and would therefore, all matters considered, make a perfect companion on long winter nights. (Yes...probably sexist, I know, but one step up from necrophiliac.)

  5. What a smart man - but then, what would we know?

  6. Came by to wish you all the best for the New Year!
    Hope all is well and 2010 is all you hope for