Friday, December 11, 2009

Mental illness in Oz...twang that banjo, Billy-Bob!

Mental health - some people seem to think it was only discovered yesterday so, ergo, the myths are all true (let's toss scientific fact out of the mix).
Having an issue with a lecturer who thinks some learning disorders do not exist.
Apparently he knows better than the millions of scientists, doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, neurologists and the bloke down the street.
This is teaching our future leaders to disregard medical diagnosis' children will struggle with in the future.
FB is not a happy camper but it is in hand.

Did you know Oz was the leading country of alcohol-related deaths for umpteen years?
Cos the stingy Govt didn't want to sprinkle vitamins in the flour like 100s and 1000s.
The nut houses ...sorry, state-owned and run Lunatic Asylums were filled to the brim with alcohol-related mentally unwell soaks, majority of them being unwell for the simple reason that they were not getting any vitamin B while guzzling grog, scoffing rubbish food and throwing pies down their gullets while on a bender.
Of course, other countries had taken heed of the scientific facts that adding vitamin B to flour ensured that not only the socio-economically challenged (that's poor people to you and I) got the relevant vitamins needed to keep their brains chugging over but those gargling grog on their way to the grave could replace what vitamins the alcohol was leeching from their bodies.
But did Oz listen?
Don't be silly!
Urban myths are much more colourful to buy into, let the media write up reports of those dreadful drunkards sipping metho and white spirits into death on park benches, let the Salvos put the fear of beer into the youngsters but don't ever let the scientists get their facts printed to the masses so that the govt might actually have to follow the commonsense of other countries.
Until the early 1960s we could stand up Proud! to have the leading cause of alcohol-related deaths in the whole world and then, suddenly, govt ministers were lining up to sprinkle the magic vitamin B into packets of flour, loaves of bread and kiddies teething rusks everywhere.

For a number of years in the 1990s Australia was again a world leader, this time in youth suicide; something they didn't often trumpet from the rooftops, but then it suddenly changed.
Single vehicle accidents were suddenly 'accidents', farming accidents with guns, tractors, etc, were 'accidents' and, thus, the statistics were re-written and Oz could slough off the mantle of youth suicide without ever addressing the causes that may have been mental illness, identification as gay/lesbian, bullying, etc.

And, so we find that little has changed in the intervening 40-odd years as regards attitudes towards scientific fact for medical conditions with ignorance, urban myth and loud redneck opinion ruling the way in which children will experience their schooling and formative years.
Good on ya, Oz.


  1. My hubby is mentally ill. According to more than a few people, who know nothing about him, he just needs to "pull himself together and get on with it".

  2. I tried to find some of my FB rants on that lecturer for you, but have no idea how to search FB history. He's a bit off the planet with his ideas hey?
    BUT hang in there, hopefully you'll also get to see the lecturers who actually say something useful ... like the lectures on gender, race and sexuality ... they are really interesting .... and the lady that specialises in globalisation studies is like a breath of fresh air with a Jamaican accent :)

  3. Another problem is with the scare tactics on salt thanks to companies overdoing it with processed foods so children aren't getting enough iodine in their diet. When I was young, mum always had iodised salt, everyone did but then they didn't have salt loaded chips and snacks to waste money on.

    As for the learning difficulties, it appears the lecturer has a few of his own.

  4. Oh, I love those dickwads, River, I've told a couple of them to break both legs then "just get on with it".

    It's not so much the lecturer, Amanda, as the guy who's actually teaching the class is in total agreement with him and spouting incorrect facts.

    Flour now has the iodine added, J, about fkn time.
    Yes, yes he certainly does.