Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Oakleigh Wants Tram to Beach! Tree Climbing Goat!

Yes, back in 1935 the average Joe Blow on the street was under the impression they could request extensions to public transport; silly people thought it might improve their suburbs or lives or some such.
But successive Govts soon cured them of these nonsensical ideas.

Insert any favoured pollie's name in here at whim....it's too good to let pass!

The shaft of light hit the rock in the Shrine of Remembrance for the first time, the calculations of which were performed by architect Kingsley Ussher, son of renown Federation-style architect Beverley Ussher.

*Sorry, removed the article images as now that Big Brother is going to play Super Nanny  and someone would probably take offence at something...like the font size...or the print quality...


  1. Not much of a zoo-ologist if he didn't realise that goats climbed trees. They like Polo mints as well I've discovered.

  2. We have several in Parliament, Brian, but we only feed 'em the muck they deserve.

  3. Damn public transport users. Even if the line was built, now there would be agitation for an extension to Monash Uni or some such place.

  4. Exactly, Andrew! They should be happy the stingy govt had the foresight to land us with belching buses *cough cough*

  5. Stingy govt, big brother, super nanny. pffft! they can all just...well, you know....