Thursday, December 3, 2009

On the third of December my computer gave to me....

...some updates and a message from a Nubian princess.
Oh, and another email from my troll in NSW who had been quiet recently.

Seems some people have forgotten the last line in my mini-mantra -
Anything outrageous is usually humour and/or sarcasm.
Apologies if anyone took offence at my Xmess hamper request, I'll remember next time that most of you seem to find politicians all warm and cuddly and cute *gag* and slip some into your Xmess stockings instead of the whisky, rum, choccies and fags.

1688 William Dampier sailed off into the sunset from King Sound after spending 9 weeks repairing his ship and observing the Indigenous People which he (infamously) noted were "The miserablest people in the world".
Um, no, Billy-boy, that would be the federal Liberal Party.

1854 The military and troopers attacked the Eureka Stockade which resulted in the deaths of 35-40 miners and 5 troopers. Peter Lalor, the leader, was seriously wounded that ended in him losing an arm, martial law was declared and 13 miners were charged with treason.
All in all a typical bun fight.

1863 The New Zealand Settlements Act, which contained land confiscation legislation, was passed in NZ.
Further details HERE.

1910 Fred Du Faur became the first chicky-babe grrl to climb Mt Cook.
More on Freda's life and adventures HERE.

1914 The Australian and New Zealand troops disembarked at Alexandria for training in Egypt where the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps ANZAC was formed.

1919 The Federal Canadian Govt announced that $25 million was available for tenants to buy their own homes.

1921 The Canadian Badminton Association was founded with the first championships held the following year in Montreal.

1960 Edmonton International Airport, largest airport in Canada, was officially opened on this day.

1972 The first jumbo jet landed at Christchurch airport.

1985 Old Quebec was classified as a United Nations World Heritage Site.

Yellow = New Zealand
Orange = Canada
Green = Australia
Red = usually British or other nationality
Anything in bold, italics and coloured blue is a link to another site with more info.

Anything outrageous is usually humour and/or sarcasm.  

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  1. "1921 The Canadian Badminton Association was founded..."

    And the world has never looked back...