Friday, December 18, 2009

Our Cute Spunky Ballsy Chicky-Babe Saint Mary of Oz

Oh, I can hear Pell, Benny, et el becoming incandescent with much so one could probably light a papal vote off them *snort*
Yes, our Mary may soon become our first home-grown saint, whom we'll proudly wheel out alongside the first home-grown tomatoes picked before Xmess.
It doesn't hurt that Mary was a feisty gal who gave the Vatican her proverbial finger a couple of times; the first occasion when some tool of a Bishop (oh, I'm so going to Hell, hey?) excommunicated her for *gasp* daring to beg after she'd taken a vow of poverty as the Church didn't like beggars.

Mary and Father Woods had started the Sisters of St Joseph in 1866 which was dedicated to the edumakatshun of poor kiddies; it grew like Topsy with gals everywhere taking up the fight of schooling children of the poor by following them (miners, farmers, itinerant workers, etc) into isolated and hard terrain.
Mary had a will of iron, probably forged from her Scottish-born parents when she herself was pupped in Fitzroy in poverty in 1842. When she refused to stop begging, cos she figured God would provide like it says somewhere or other in the bible, she got done for insubordination in 1871.
Oh, and cos her school kids sang excessively.
Yeah, really bad stuff.
Mary held her ground and the Bishop admitted he'd stuffed up, re-communicating Ballsy Mary six months later just 9 days before he fell off the twig.
In 1883 the cute gal was in strife again when she'd dared try to put across that the Church should be an equalitarian instead of hierarchical bother of Bishops.
Tsk tsk tsk. Goodness, didn't she know her place in this male dominated world?
Bishop Reynolds told her to get thee hence from his diocese in Adelaide so Mary upped sticks and established the headquarters of the Josephites in Sydney.
This good looking chicky-babe had been a governess, took the veil, rejected all worldy goods (unlike some of the men-folk in the church), saw that the education of all children, even those living in poverty, was a right not a privilege they needed to attain permission for and stood up for what she believed in.
Yeah, I'll be waving my pom poms on the sidelines when she gets the nod from Benny-boy in Rome, she's a girl I'd like to have known, chatted over a cuppa alter wine tea about fixing the screw ups of the world and the like, she's worth every bit of a sainthood.

Now, we just have to get Rome to re-instate 'rebel priest' Father Peter Kennedy, read the book detailing the battle with the stuck-in-the-Dark-Ages hierarchical brotherhood and celebrate the ballsy bloke who actually practices what the bible preaches.
Hmmm....not a lot's changed in over a hundred years....


  1. Go Mary!!

    Oh - and they are still at their narrow-minded decisions -

  2. Their bile and bitterness shows how truly "Christian" they are, Jeanie :(

  3. She did a lot of good stuff, our Mary, and deserves the sainthood. I live close to the Mary McKillop College here and I know quite a few of the girls who did their schooling there. They work at the same place I do. Unfailingly, they're nice, polite and have good work ethics. And smart too.

  4. Touch Wood Mary MacKillop becomes our first saint! Long overdue, I must say!

    Take Care,