Saturday, December 19, 2009

Some levity and Kiwi eye candy after the angsty rants...

Crikey Dick, some people take their religion, like their alter whine, just a tad too fiercely, eh?
Been reading about a fab church (with drool-worthy architecture, stained glass windows and stone masonary work to  covet) in NZ with a sense of humour - yes, yes, some churches and ministers have learnt that humour is not a tool of the Devil and can be effective in encouraging people to venture inside a church to see what it's all about.
First the measuring fish billboard was a hoot.
But the latest one got some hot and bothered both under the sheets and under the collar.
Pity it wasn't the sheets in question on the billboard and the 'dog collar' that authorised it certainly wasn't bovvered.

Read this tale HERE about a message from Santa in an over-due library book with social and historical connections.
Then encourage Lisa to pen a book on the tale; it would be a great way to document the whole thing and convey it to the next generation of history lovers, just as she's proven with her previously published book The Zoo War.

As we've just about lost all of our lovely old red public phone boxes *sniff* have a gander at the ones in NZ.
And, seriously, if NZ can have all these fab murals covering the dull, ugly grey traffic control boxes - exactly the same kind of traffic control boxes we have this side of the ditch - and Brisvegas has embraced the concept with beautiful results why oh why can't someone organise murals for our hideous ones instead of leaving them to be tagged?
I say sic a Kiwi on 'em - they might be flightless but those beaks are savage!