Sunday, December 27, 2009

Take a building for example.....

Yes, the Feral Beastie turned into a horrid slavering monster teen overnight and his doting Daddykins baked him a chocolate fudge brownie cake.

Doesn't this gorgeous old girl look like an extra from a Lemony Snicket scene or perhaps was left over from Diagon Alley in Harry Potter?

This is her neighbour waving her dainty fingers from across the laneway that separates these two dowagers.

See? I'd be most happy to claim the very top of the cupola as my own as per Ruth Park's novel Callie's Castle .

It may sedately claim to be A City of Melbourne Building about her midriff but I suspect this dame may be footloose and fancy free from Bobby D and his ilk.

A few doors down Yule House proves the adage "Less is more" in her simplistic but perfect Art Deco adornment which transcends all periods and styles.

The unimaginative steel, glass and concrete piles may tower over St Paul's Cathedral but they will always be the gauche kids of the playground who have no idea of manners while the old classics will politely nod and smile retaining their style amidst the fads, fading architectural fashions and forgotten pollies.


  1. A rousing happy birthday to FB. I have often walked, down this street before, but the pavement always stayed beneath my feet before...end of sing along, but never noticed the grandeur of those buildings.

  2. I love this post... and I hear you! Mind you, I kinda like some of the steel and glass stuff too. Depends on the city and the ambience already there... Buildings ARE like living, breathing things.

  3. "...or perhaps was left over from Diagon Alley in Harry Potter?"

    Not really. The buildings in Diagon Alley, if memory serves, were mainly Tudor vernacular whereas your building appears to be late Victorian neo-classicism.

    You can tell I've had a dull Christmas, can't you?

    Happy 13th birthday to the feral beast. Batten down the hatches, 'cos this is where the full horror of child rearing begins.

  4. Happy Birthday FB. Did you share the cake?

    Love the details that are part and parcel of building from way back when. I want the metal decoration on top.

    If you get the angle right the newer buildings are a nice back drop to the old.

  5. Many happy returns of the day, FB.

  6. Hey happy Birthday FB!
    Woo hooo you got a 13 yr old for Christmas too!
    Good luck - I can recommend a good book called - Read this before your teenager drives you mad lol

  7. Ground level barely interests me these days, Andrew lol.

    Exactly, BB! They have character and individuality all of their own :)

    Can we have that made mandatory for all future buildings, Brian?
    The neo-classicism, not the battening down of hatches :P

    Isn't it a gorgeous gee gaw, Elizabeth?
    Tried to line up the church spire with the aerial on top of the newer building but there was a train in the way.

    He said thank you, Lisa :)

    LOL Nicki, too late!

  8. Ah Jayne - this means your Christmas 13 years ago was fraught!!!

    Fair sailing for the time ahead - if I recall, 14 was the year to watch out for...

  9. At first I thought you'd been to Adelaide and photographed the Beehive Corner, then I rubbed the sleep from my eyes and saw it wasn't so.
    Happy Birthday FB.
    I saw my 13 year old grandson yesterday. At 5 feet 8 inches he absolutely towers over me...

  10. LOL Jeanie!
    Our Xmess 13 yrs ago was sangas in the front seat of the car - there's a post in that in itself *snort*
    14? Yikes!

    Thanks, River.
    They spring up far too quickly!

  11. Happy Birthday to the Beastie and it's only 8 years til he's 21.

    That turret is straight out of Hogwarts and I want it and the rest of the building before Jussy reads your blog and gets out a demolition order.

    You do realize he does this?

  12. In that 8 years I'll have plenty of time to put a brick on his head to stop him growing, J :P
    I may do the same to Jussy to stop his head from growing ;)

  13. I am too late for cake aren't I?

    Cause chocolate fudge brownie cake? Awesome.

    And did Daddykins make that 13 out of fondant?


    Happy Birthday Dude. Give your parents HELL.

    *runs away and hides*

  14. Thirteen... wow, happy 13th mate.... we also have a 13th birthday coming up next year... now I feel old!
    Love those buildings too by the way!

  15. Yes, cake all gone but I can post Daddykins to you to make some more, Kel :P

    Thanks, Cazzie, join the club LOL.

  16. I. Want. That. Cake. Actually, I want all cake. Hope he had a great birthday.

    Some of the buildings along Elizabeth St are stunning. Unfortuantely they tend to be the exception rather than the rule.