Wednesday, December 16, 2009

THANK YOU to Ol Skool BMX and Street Shoppe

Long story short - Dad's wheelchair buggered up recently, we got lucky and found another near-new (much better) one.
The Spouse transferred the foot grips (the rubber grips the person pushing the chair puts their foot on to raise the seat or tilt the chair to negotiate kerbs) from the old one to the new one.
Yesterday some Chrissy-seasoned turd decided to steal them off the flipping chair (seriously, WTF?!).
Today the owner of a newly opened BMX bike shop nearby gave, for free, a pair of rubber hand grips to replace the stolen ones.
Ol Skool BMX and Street Shoppe, 79 Warrigal Road Oakleigh .
They rock!
Go buy stuff from them.
They really are fab people.

And to the turd who stole the grips in Oakleigh Centro - I'm still sending Rudolph around to steal your dirty mag collection...right after he shits down your chimney.
Have a nice Xmess!


  1. Really is weirdness on a large scale.

  2. Poor old anonymous - has no idea of the calibre of your commenters, hey?

    Beautiful story of goodwill by the Oldskool Friendly Bikeshop!!! They deserve much more of a plug than stupid old anonymous' investment advice.

    Bah humbug to the thieves.

  3. What a lovely gesture from the BMX shoppe..

  4. Anybody want to buy some rubber wheelchair grips? I've got a pair going cheap that Andrew sent me from Oz for Christmas. Didn't say where he got 'em but they look slightly used.

  5. I love this. Sometimes there are good people in this world. Doesn't make up for the arsehattery but still makes you smile.

  6. Thanks all.
    I figure we all get enough kicks up the bum and a pat on the back needs to be a LOUD compliment ;)