Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Xmess Scum Bag alert

Had the doorbell ring this arvo, naturally the 2 fur-babies went nuts barking fit to savage any critter, opened the door to find....
No one there.
Front gate wide open and a bloke hot-footing it down the street.
Now, this is the 3rd time this fortnight we've had someone trying it on to see if someone is home (no car in the driveway and no sound from the tv gets to the front).
Off I wandered to warn the neighbours only to find one has had her mail stolen the past couple of days and found it opened and strewn in the nearest major road.
Apparently it is common for druggies to steal mail at this time of year looking for money.
And it's common for scumbags to doorknock to find potential targets to break in to steal brand new Xmess pressies to flog for drug money at the local pawn shop.
Lovely police gal I spoke to has asked that if anyone sees a person running away from their door after having rung the doorbell then please call 000 and the police can then check things/the person out and have it as a reference if there is any reported burglaries in the area.
Just remember - scumbags are rife, especially at Xmess.


  1. Low life dogs! That is all!
    Oh, and thanks for the tip of course!

  2. Tis the time of year for the scumbags to hit the supermarkets too. All of you shoppers out there be warned. Don't leave your bag open/unattended while shopping. Be aware of someone who seems to be in the same aisle as you all the way through the store while appearing to not be buying anything. Be aware that it only takes a second of you turning away from your trolley to get something off a shelf or out of the freezer, anyone who has your bag in his/her sights can snatch and run. I'm astounded, truly astounded, at the number of women who STILL sit their handbag, OPEN, in the child seat of the trolley, then wander around the store seemingly in a daze, picking items here and there, not realising that absolutely ANYONE could just reach in and just like that, your purse/wallet is gone.

  3. You're welcome, Cazzie.

    Oh, yes, River, I've seen it, too, and cannot believe how careless some women are in this day and age!
    Almost like they're expecting someone else (ie store security) to do their job for them.

  4. Another warning - DO NOT PUT CASH IN ENVELOPES. A silly friend of mine put five $100 noted in an "express delivery" Post Office envelope. It vanished at the Melrose Park mail exchange - no druggies involved.

  5. OUR doorbell rang at 4pm this afternoon - no-one there...

  6. We've had a lot of mail go 'missing', even registered mail, Davo, so I hear ya.

    Eek, Scott!

  7. So there are some benefits to living in a place like we live in.

  8. In Blighty we have letterboxes in our front doors so all the mail ends up on the mat inside. Makes sense to me. Of course, it then gets eaten by our cats, especially if it's a particularly cat-nippy flavour of gum arabic on the envelope, but no system's perfect.

  9. Geebus some people are unbelievable. I don't care about the excuse (drugs made me do it etc) if it's not yours, don't take it.
    Hope all is well with you and you don't get another door knocker!! Good dogs you have :)

  10. Yep, def a huge benefit, Andrew lol.

    The length of our driveways caused posties to expire of exhaustion, Brian...although then they were eaten by our cats, so someone invented the letterbox at the end of the driveway, pfft.

    Thanks, Raelene, yes my fur-babies are all bark (and very little bite) but sound savage enough through a door to someone who isn't obeying the law.

  11. Horrid how xmess is not just the silly season of rampant over commercialism, but also the season of being easier to rip people off without much extra effort.

    Hope the police catch those scumbags.

  12. Rotten bugger.
    We are lucky - there's a steep driveway, an extra-long flight of stairs and a verandah gate to negotiate before you can knock on our door so we generally know when someone's there ... and there's no quick getaway.

  13. Sheesh. We've had doorknockers in the past, but just kids doing the knock and run thing for kicks. Hasn't happened anymore since my husband chased and collared the last two, and let their mothers know. And threatened to call the cops.

    My husband's aunt used to send cash in cards, drove me nuts!