Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Babbling like a diarrhetic brook...but way less picturesque, Bruce.

Feral Beast has come up with the suggestion of attaching a bicycle bell to the handles of Dad's wheelchair.
I think he's a'scared of the potential blood-letting should the public fail to get out of the way.

Spent Australia Day watching the 2 specials of All Creatures Great and Small; have whetted FB's appetite for the series now.
Didn't hurt that the celery-wearing 5th Doctor co-starred in it, either.

Parked my arse in the sun for 10 mins to get my dose of vitamin D when the chooks decided I looked tasty.
Peck peck peck which didn't cease even when I offered to fit them up for a roasting pan.
Can't get decent respectful chooks these days.

Is it Tom Barnaby or his frustrated wife Joyce who is doing everyone in throughout Midsomer?
What else does Tom keep in the attic and why does Joyce get thinner and thinner? If it was simply a case of her inability to cook then my ex-MIL would have had no worries losing weight!

Do we really give a fat rat's clacker about the union jack in the corner of our flag?
Seriously, does no one realise the poor volunteer surf life savers (including RNLI) do body retrievals when people are 'lost' at sea?
Can you tell me how many camillia trees were harmed in the brewing of that pot of tea?
Does Tony Abbott believe the tripe he's prattling or is he rehersing a comedy routine?
Can we clone Red Symons so he can never, ever leave our airwaves ever, ever again?


  1. Forthcoming episode, Barnaby employs a gardener lad and Joyce succumbs to her frustrations and neglect.

    Might we be at a point where no-one cares about the Union Jack being on our flag? I doubt young people who seem fond of draping themselves in our flag know very much about it. Indifference to the UJ means it now matters little.

  2. "...the celery-wearing 5th Doctor..."

    Did you know that Peter (Tristran) Davidson's daughter in real life played the good Doctor's cloned daughter in the more recent D. Tennant episode succinctly entitled 'The Doctor's Daughter'? Now there's nepotism passing itself as quirky coincidence.

    Yes, I am a geek.

  3. I wonder if anonymous knows what 'dump' means in Aussie slang? Because when they say "I was a dump" I'm thinking you still are mate and you need to be flushed.

    Anyways I stopped by to comment that I think Feral Beasts idea is rather smart.

    So when is roast chook dinner and can we come over and share? :grin:

  4. PMSL Andrew.
    "Oh, Joyce, I may be late for dinner..."
    "That's fine with me, Tom!"

    LOL Brian. Yes, and D.Tennant is dating her, Georgia Moffett, as well. Which makes it even more weird LOL.

    Oh, well, Marita, poor old Anonymous got dumped quick smart ;)

  5. Dr. Who is dating his own daughter? That would explain why the new one looks like Frankenstein's monster then.

  6. Ahhh, yes! Thank you, Brian, that explains the new one nicely!
    But...does it explain why retired Aussie cricket players think anyone's interested in their bilge-like commentary?

  7. A bell is a gr8 idea...FB has a great mind!
    The union Jack does not appeal to me either... I love our Southern Cross :)

  8. Belated Happy Ozzie Day. Funnily enough I watched that episode that Brian mentioned and even more interesting is that I have been getitng into Dr Who. Funnily the last episodes I watched had Peter Davidson in them lol.

    As for the UJ funnily enough when Prince William was there two weeks ago he opened NZ Supreme Court, severing our ties with the Privy Councilin the UK.

  9. Bloody chooks.
    Ours followed us into next-doors pool area last week. Couldn't convince them to take a dip though.

    and maybe FB is onto a good idea with the bell ... I used to marvel at the idiots at the local shops who'd see me coming with a full trolley, a toddler in the toddler seat and a 3 yo hanging on for dear life as we tried to negotiate the sloping carpark at Woolies. A bell would have been handy ...

  10. Bicycle bell? Pfft! Klaxon horn, thta's the way to go. That'll see people skedaddle. Or one of those car horns that plays Dixie.

  11. Yep, Cazzie, maybe a small Aboriginal flag in place of the UJ?

    You'd best hire all the David Tennant episodes, Janine, there's a new one beginning lol.

    Oh, the hills are just a joy with prams and wheelchairs, Amanda, eh?!

    Ahh, I like the way you think, River lol.

  12. Happy (belated) Australia Day! Now, who was that talking about taking a dump? Well now, off to the loo go I!

    Take Care,

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