Monday, January 18, 2010

Captain's Log Monday, January 18, 20 bajillion years somewhere in the past...

 It's persistently precipitating here, boys and girls, which is the polite way of saying that it's pissing down.
Get out your gum boots and half-built arks they're expecting snowfall on the Vic Alps and more rain throughout the rest of the week.

1788 The ship 'Supply' carried Captain Arthur Phillip into Botany Bay; over the following three days Aboriginal poeple watched the arrival of 9 ships into Botany Bay.
1815 Guv'na Macquarie opened the residential school for Aboriginal children in Parramatta.
1851 The Union Bank of Australia opened in Lyttelton.
More info HERE.
1894 New Brighton Pier, in Chirstchurch, was opened.
Piccys HERE.
1967 Yellowknife became the capital of Canada's North West Territories.
1972 Ottawa banned the use of aircraft and large ships in the Gulf of St. Lawrence seal hunt.

1988 First Fleet re-enactment ships rocked up in Botany Bay.
Indigenous locals no doubt thought "Pfft, here we go again!"

Holyman House, Flinders street, Melbourne.

Getting arty farty.

The metropolitan rail network.
Exciting stuff, eh?

Cubism interpretation of Field of Daffodils.
Unless I'm reading the art guide upside down again...

Yellow = New Zealand
Orange = Canada
Green = Australia
Red = usually British or other nationality
Anything in bold, italics and coloured blue is a link to another site with more info.

Anything outrageous is usually humour and/or sarcasm.


  1. We're ALL saying "Pfft, here we go again", and about so many things too.

  2. I wonder if we'll get any of your precious precipitation...

    Am really enjoying the cooler weather today, but no rain. Doesn't even look like it.

  3. Ahhhh, the Rail map brought back lovely memories of moving to Melb, putting one on my wall and deciding to explore every single stop.
    Missed the entire Sandringham line.

    Love the cubism picture! ;-) Classic!

  4. Oh, absolutely, River!

    Hope you do, B, it's been so lovely.

    LOL Devi ;)

  5. Send me some of that RAIN!

    Rofling at your last 1988 sentence there ;)

  6. Thanks, Rhubarb, and I'll try to send the clouds north for you and B ;)