Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Chewsdee, bangers an' mash wif brown onion gravy, cauli in cheese, pumpkin, carrots...

 ...you get the picture for tea tonight.

Another gloriously overcast and miserable-looking day we shall all cherish greatly in the midst of Summer (yes, snow did fall on the Vic Alps although I have yet to recieve the memo of Hell freezing over for any particular reason).

1835 Almost all of the remaining Tasmanian Aboriginal People (IE-those who they hadn't managed to slaughter) were placed on Flinders Island (despite the vigorous protest of Chief Justice Pedder who claimed it was an 'unchristian' attempt to wipe out the whole race).
1840 Hobson buggered off from Sydney to become Lt-Guv'na of New Zealand.
1901 The Govt of Canada bought the Plains of Abraham Battlefield to be kept and maintained as a national park.
More info HERE.
1935 The Duke of Gloucester popped into Christchurch during his visit.
1943 With the Dutch Royal family in exile in Ottawa during WW2 the room in the Ottawa Civic Hospital was declared Dutch territory when Princess Margriet was dropped off by the stork to Crown Princess Juliana.
1947 The TSMV Wanganella went aground on Barrett Reef at the mouth of Wellington Harbour, all on board safely rescued.
1954 The Queen and Prince Phillip visited NZ Christchurch until the 22nd, with Prince William's current visit to the Shaky Isles almost 56 years to the day of his grandparents' visit and 75 years to the day of his great-great-uncle's visit.
1956 Two new banks graced The Fair Isle of Oz with their presence.... The Bank of NSW ('You can bank on the Wales!') and the ANZ Bank (Australian and New Zealand Bank).
1993 The very first Tassie Native Title meeting was held on Cape Barren Island.


  1. "1954 The Queen and Prince Phillip visited NZ until the 22nd..."

    Looks like it's that Christchurch timeline at it again, Jayne. The Queen and Prince Phil arrived in New Zealand 23 December 1953 (said visit always associated with the Tangiwai train disaster the next day). They got to Christchurch on 19 January. Here's the itinery. I don't think Prince William didn't make it to Christchurch this time.

  2. Ahh, just re-read the timeline again, Lisa, and that was my fault in transcribing it; I've said New Zealand when I should have stated they visited Christchurch from 19th-22nd.

  3. Bangers an' mash? Cauliflower in cheese? Onion gravy? Set an extra place, I'm on my way.

  4. Didn't quite manage the cauli and cheese but the rest is waiting for you in the oven, River :P

  5. Bangers and Mash - nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom

  6. It was that kind of weather, Jayne and tofu sausages do go well with mash.

  7. Amiable dispatch and this enter helped me alot in my college assignement. Gratefulness you as your information.

  8. That's what we were saying, Scott lol.

    You may have your tofu snags, J, I'll have the mystery bags (when the mood takes me!) lol.

    Riiiiiiiiiiight, Anonymous, send a stamped self-addressed envelope with 25 words or less as to why we should change the national anthem and you could a keyring worth 5 cents!!!