Thursday, January 7, 2010

Did you know New Zealand once attacked Oz ?! And a cemetery so pretty you could picnic in it

Yes, true.
Weeeelllll....purely by 'accident' - maybe, maybe not accidental, depending on which Kiwi was giving the media soundbyte, but apparently the acting NZ PM claimed it wasn't accidental.
1955...when spin doctoring was in a world of its own and could spin a PR line to the public that claimed the sky was green and the grass was pink if it wanted.
Did he know something others didn't?
Were there secret orders to do away with the Currarong Post Office?
Had Aussie Post royally pissed some Kiwi off by ruining their air mail delivery?
Was there someone in the seaside village who'd asked to hear "fush and chups" once too many times?
Go pop over to Timespanner and check out the article on the blasting of Currarong, while thanking our lucky stars the Black Prince can't "be sent around to sort us out" again!
Perhaps their captain knew The Gruen Transfer would one day suggest invading NZ and thought they'd get a few shots in first?
Bwhahahahahahahahahaha  ;)
Go and also check out the Yarra Plenty Library Local History blog, it's full of fascinating pieces of information, links and news.
They are currently looking for any memorabilia of the Strathewen Public Hall, which was destroyed in the Black Saturday bushfires but is being rebuilt.
Also they have links to Wikinorthia, with new entries including the totally serene and blissful looking Hurst Family Cemetery, which has a link to photos elsewhere on the web.
Remember to check out the list of labels down the left-hand side of the blog page as these lead to other historical societies, groups, information, links galore and just generally interesting bits 'n' bobs.
Now, could I get away with a picnic in that cemetery......

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  1. NZ attacking us is a great story. Now we can justify anything we do by saying, well you did attack Australia once.