Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Down at Rickett's Point...


Tree trolls.

Mother Nature leaves her Xmess decs out for awhile in Oz...

Inundated with the masses of the great unwashed.
Bajillions, if I counted correctly...

No matter how hard he looked Feral Beast just couldn't spy Brian sailing merrily over the waves....

 All that sparkles is gold...


The masses increased substantially as the heat wore us down...


Tres cool tooties.

Grass beds, shoes/thongs recommended.

Thinking of Brian and Michelle....

Had a fab time, wish you were here.


  1. Looks beautiful, but I'm not missing the 40+ days!

  2. I am amused. And isn't that tree trunk way weird.

  3. Wishing I was there too! I agree with Andrew, cool weird tree trunk indeed!

  4. "Feral Beast just couldn't spy Brian sailing merrily over the waves...."

    That's because Brian's in front of his fire wit5h his cats. I'd need a sledge hammer to break the ice if I wanted to set sail this morning.

  5. I'd happily lend you some of the heat, Scott!

    Caught my eye (and imagination) Andrew lol.

    It's a great area for kids, Cazzie :)

    Thought you'd have busted out by now...or run out of whisky, Brian :P

  6. Those pictures make me wish I was there, wandering along the shore, paddling in the shallows. I love the tree trunk, did it grow like that or did it get cut down and left lying with branches poking up like that?

  7. It's grown like that, River, as have a lot of them near the coast line due to the wind ;)

  8. I loved looking at what summer should look like. We have had a crap sumemr so far in Wellington. In saying that today was an exception. I wanted to dip my toes in the water, just looking at your photos.

  9. Oh I wish I was there too. I wonder what mischief we could have got upto? Hee Hee X