Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Fitzroy Gardens amble...

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Finial on Parliament House fence.

Near Lansdowne Street, almost opposite tower of St Pat's College.

Looks like some kind of kiosk or canteen but cannot find exact identification online, no mention of it amongst Fitzroy Gardens structures.
Any help appreciated!

Moreton Bay Fig.

Statue with piddly dribble of water cascading seeping from his urn.





Miniature Tudor Village, following nosh up.

Fairy Tree with new paint work.


Diana the Huntress at the entrance to the Conservatory.
FB noted, "She's not big on bras, is she, Mum?" 
"No, son, sports bras weren't in fashion back then..."



Sinclair's Cottage.


Statue of Meditation.

Last remains of original iron fencing that once surrounded the garden beds.

To appreciate how many statues have been lost from the Fitzroy Gardens, many of which originally adorned the Cremorne Gardens, click HERE to see original photos and the tale of what became of them.

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  1. The citizens of Lambeth have always been renowned for their lack of gratitude. Now I know why.

  2. I think the building you ask about might be an electric substation of some sort. There is a similar one in Fawkner Park and another near the corner of Domain Road and Park Street.

  3. Love the miniature buildings! There's a miniature town somewhere here in SA too, really must get around to finding and seeing it before I die....

  4. Wow I have enjoyed looking at the photos on the last few posts. Love the way you have captured the objects at different angles. You live in a beautiful city. I can't wait to get back there and explore some more.

  5. I think they never got over the popularity of The Lambeth Walk, Brian :P

    You could be right, Andrew, thanks :)

    They're a favourite with everyone, River :)

    Thanks, Janine :)

  6. Couldn't tell you how many hours I've spent in the Fitzroy Gardens when I was a kid!
    We used to go a night with Mum and Dad to feed the possums.
    And they've repainted the Fairy Tree!
    How good is that...
    I love these little trips down memory lane! They make me all soft and gooey!

  7. Yes, we'd heard they were cleaning up the Fairy Tree awhile back but hadn't seen it til now, Mo, looking very fresh :)

  8. [... ] is another relavant source on this issue[...]