Tuesday, January 5, 2010

It's sad when even your trolls can't make the effort....

Yes, that's right, apparently my troll just can't be bothered making the effort anymore.
Has even left me dangling for 2 days in a row recently with not even an abusive remark, spam link or double entrendre to keep me warm at night.
I ask, what can a gal do when she's deserted by even the most steadfast troll who has stuck to her side, through thick and thin, for the past 12 months or so?
One could almost develop something approaching a feeling of concern towards ones own troll, worry if the rude remarks don't surface in the email like clockwork, if the spam links or foreign language is actually legible and, goodness gracious me, if there is the odd backhanded compliment.
My dear troll, of NSW origin, barely regurgitated a 3 letter spam link about wallpapers (wallpapers??? How gauche!) and has coughed into silence.
Hang on.....maybe the little bugger is on hols?
Perhaps the dweeb has something - or someone else - to distract it of late.
Now, that is sad, to contemplate that ones troll may have a better social life than ones self!


  1. "...apparently my troll just can't be bothered making the effort anymore."

    Too much alcohol, probably.

  2. Or, maybe, just maybe, it got a life!!
    Now that would be novel!
    Highly bloody unlikely, but novel all the same.
    Then again, he's probably just crawled back into the hole he crawled out of do you think?
    Are you that lucky??

  3. Yep, pickled Xmess troll, Brian.

    Maybe someone else got the pickled troll, Mo?

  4. Here, let me try.....

    Anal sex, probe, beastiality, hard core.

    Tell me if it goes to spam :)