Saturday, January 23, 2010

January 23...what was I doing here again?

Enjoy the offerings of today's date in history and the fun video at the end, sent to me by Lisa from Timespanner.

1788 Gov Phillip and his men were warned away from the southern end of Botany Bay by Aboriginal People with spears. Later that arvo one of Phillip's men was ordered to drop his dacks to answer questions the Indigenous People had about the sex of these white people.
They're still sniggering at the memory....

1855 Wairarapa was hit by a massive 8.2 earthquake, the most severe to shake NZ since European settlement began in 1840.
More info on the quake HERE.

1895 Romaine Callender, an inventor from Ontario, demonstrated his new creation in New York; the automatic telephone.

1949 Fire destroyed the transit barns at Regina which housed trolley coaches, streetcars and buses.
For some fab history info on Regina trams (streetcars) click HERE.
Though, we won't mention the elimination of conductors in 1920... !

1951 The yacht race to celebrate Canterbury's centenary began on this day which was to sadly end in tragedy in the following days.
More info HERE.

2003 The Qld Govt included the Aboriginal Flag in the flag raising ceremony for Australia Day for the first time.

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  1. "2003 The Qld Govt included the Aboriginal Flag in the flag raising ceremony..."

    I'm amazed that the aborigines have a flag. I can't imagine them in times' past wandering round the desert claiming bits of it by sticking their flag in the sand, somehow.

  2. Yayyy for 2003... so, I wonder if all other states do the same to recognise our brothers, sisters and forefathers and mothers?

  3. Keep posting stuff like this i really like it