Monday, January 25, 2010

January 26 and I think I'm going vegan this year...

 Today is Australia Day.
Go forth and bbq any meat you find lying around....although I don't advise following in the steps of the bloke who et badgers and stuff *gag*.
Do as I do and gobble up all those carbon-emitting lambkins with rosemary and minted peas and the odd baked spud....

1798 Explorer George Bass transferred 5 escaped convicts from Glennie Island back to the mainland expecting them to walk back to Sydney.
Strangely they were never seen again....*cue alien music*

1838 Waterloo Creek Massacre took place 50kms south-west of Moree.
5 white men were killed while between 120-300 Aboriginal People of the Kamilaroi Nation murdered by police commandant Major James Nunn.

1858 Adelaide was roasting nicely to the tune of 46.8 degrees C.

1882 The rail line from St Arnaud to Cope Cope was officially opened.
Yes, yes, I know, it's on your daily trek to the coalface...up a little from Gre Gre North and Gre Gre South, to the left of Teddywaddy West and south of Wachem West.
Easy to find.

1924 3AR, Victoria's first radio station, began cluttering up the airwaves with chit-chat.

1927 Perth magistrate, G.T Wood was appointed as Royal Commissioner to investigate the charred remains found on Forrest River by Aboriginal deacon and tracker, Rev James Nobel.

1938 The first Day of Mourning was held when defiant Aboriginal protesters gathered in the Australian Hall in Sydney calling for citizens rights.

1940 Brisvegas was baked to a crisp by 43.2 degrees C.

1957 The Argus ceased publication.

1968 Lionel Rose was the first Indigenous person to be named Australian of The Year.

1972 The Aboriginal Tent Embassy was set up in the wee hours on the lawns of Parliament House in Canberra.

1998 Cathy Freeman was named Australian of The Year.


  1. I so wish I did not click on the badger and stuff link.

  2. "Today is Australia Day."

    Oddly enough I missed that one on the BBC News.

  3. Twas a tad difficult to stomach even the final 5 mins that we accidentally caught, Andrew.

    Then you'll just have to carve it in concrete on the steps of number 10, Brian :P

  4. My delicate stomach thanks you for the warning. ;-)

    Happy BBQ'ing day.

    Aussie Pride is enjoying this great country we've got - can smell the BBQ's and hear the Cold Chisel all through our court. :-)

  5. We have a tent set up out back here in our yard.. I oughta erect it out front of parliament today..wanna come with me? Australis Day is every Day to me... we are in such a gorgeous country, why not cherish it every day?
    Wasn't it so wonderful when Cathy was made Australian of the year!

  6. LOL Devi, hope the tomato sauce doesn't run out!

    I'll be there in a heart beat with tent pegs LOL.
    Absolutely, Cazzie, It was a great moment. ;)

  7. But....but..I don't like lamb. Fatty and tasteless. Especially now that everywhere is selling "baby spring lamb" or just baby lamb. Not only are these poor little babies not old enough to leave their mums, they haven't even had a chance to grow any meat yet. Mutton is too tough of course, give me hoggett any day. Tender like lamb, but with flavour, like mutton. Some of our SA butchers still supply it. Although these days I find myself eating less and less meat of any kind. Still, in the spirit of being Australian, I'll be eating a pie'n'sauce for dinner tonight.

  8. May all of you crazy Australians have a wonderful day filled with nostalgia and infinite fun!

    Peace and good energy to all.

  9. Lordy, River!!! Hogget and mutton are an extinct species here in Vic, apparently lambs give birth to lambs, or so supermarkets expect us to believe ;)

    Thanks for the good wishes, StorytellERdoc!
    Hope you have a grand day in USA, too ;)