Thursday, January 28, 2010

January 28 Closets are for the 3rd stroke it will be time for all politicians to grow a brass pair

The drunken junk mail delivery chick was spotted sprawled across a raised garden bed in another nearby street yesterday; trolley blocking the footpath with the baleful eye glaring and sneering grunts directed at all who were trying to give her a wide berth.
Thankfully she roused herself to get on her way by the time Dad had finished at his physio and we returned. Dad carries a walking stick and has been rather short of patience of late....

Fab new book out - Closets are for Clothes (That's So Gay) by Rachel Cook.
It's a history of queer Australia for teens/young adults, filling in many gaps in our history that The Powers That Be have whitewashed for so long; presenting personal stories to grab the reader instead of the usual dry make-it-as-dull-as-ditch-water-so-they-don't-ask-questions type of history lesson that has been chanted to bajillions of bored students since cocky was an egg.
Big launch tomorrow night at Hares and Hyenas bookstore.
More details HERE.

1848 Irrigation pioneer of Oz George Chaffey was pupped in Brockville, Ontario.
Full bio HERE.

1895 The first emissary the Govt of Canada had appointed to anywhere in the world, John Short Larke arrived in Sydney with instructions to 'promote trade between Canada and Australia in every possible way'.

1901 Wellington blacksmith William Hardham became the only Kiwi to receive a VC for his fighting in the South African War.

1914 18.46 miles of train track opened up the line between Chillingollah and Manangatang.
Stations in between are Chinkapook (originally birthed as Christmas Tank) and Cocamba.

1923 Steam tramway servicing the Baulkham Hills/Castle Hill district was blessed with fairy dust and turned into a railway on this day.

1965 Queen Liz the 2nd officially proclaimed the new Canadian flag.

1970 The very first Oz gay rights group was born when the Australasian Lesbian Movement was launched on the opening of a branch of The Daughters of Bilitis.

1998 Dr Wendy Beck announced that large earth mounds, approx. 3,000 in number and found along valleys near the Murray River and tributaries, were cultivated gardens created by Aboriginal Peoples from as long ago as 1000 BC.

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  1. Closets are for clothes? Not in my home. Well, there are clothes in there, but also cartons of pepsi, packets of toilet paper, boxes of laundry powder, it's a general storage area for all the bulk buy stuff I get delivered. It's a good thing I don't have much in the way of clothes. The book does sound interesting though, I'll keep an eye out for it in my local bookshops.

  2. a drunken junk mail delivery chick, shaking head at the fact she was passed out on the street. Love the title for the book and I like the fact it is written for teenagers, from what I can gather is not dry and droll.

  3. I think I'd be permanently inebriated too if it was my job to post junk mail.

    What am I talking about? I am permanently drunk.

  4. Goodness, River, what a storage area!

    Yep, we've come across her twice now, Janine, who knew delivering junk mail was so stressful?!

    And what a perfect state to be in, too, Brian !