Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Join me in saying "I Told You So"

Melbourne won't need any water from the $750 million North-South Pipeline.


  1. I told you so. I said that Elton John was gay back in the 70s, and it turned out he was. I said the same about George Michael in the eighties, but none of the puppy-eyed girls in the pub would have it. And Cliff Richards is gay as well, but his god-fearing fans still won't believe me.

    Or did you mean about something else?

  2. Ok, I'm interested. Tell me more.

  3. So all this water will be coming to Adelaide? Yippee! yee-haa!

  4. Sir Cliff....is...GAY????!!!
    Goodness, when did this occur and does his bestest live-in friend who's a lapsed priest know? :P

    If you click the blue headline it will take you to the news article, Frances :)

    Umm...no, River, it will be used for environment flows or some such...maybe...perhaps...dunno?

  5. Sir Cliff is a living doll, that's what he is.

    I want to know why Brian is so interested in who is gay ..... ;)

    Shame the water can't be carted around to areas that need it.

  6. There's controversy over the amount of water available in the first place, Nikki.

  7. Meanwhile, from today's newspaper here in Adelaide; "Flooding in the eastern states will inject about 300 billion litres of water into the Murray-Darling river sysytem but not one drop is reserved for South Australia. Floodwaters are being dammed and diverted upstream, keeping them in New South Wales and dashing the hopes of dought-stricken Riverland growers trying to keep their fruit trees and grapevines alive. ............National agreements give NSW control over allocation until storages reach 640 gigalitres.At this point the Murray-Darling Basin Authority assumes responsibility. .......The Federal Government had sufficient power t take charge of the system, but was frightened of starting a war with the states. ........the fate of the river must be removed from the politicians and given to an independent national body. It's Australia's water, not just NSW or SA's or Victorians water."
    There's more, but all I can say at this point is our governmenting bodies are a bunch of wimps who won't do what is right by the country and the people.