Friday, January 29, 2010

Monster Community Fete and Garage Sale this Sunday January 31.

Monster Community Fete/Garage Sale
Sunday 31 January
11.00am – 4.00pm
Positive Living Centre
51 Commercial Road
South Yarra
Funds raised will benefit people living with HIV/AIDS
who access the Positive Living Centre.
Books, clothing, Trash ‘n Treasure, plants, sausage sizzle,
afternoon tea, CDs etc.
Stalls from the VAC/GMHC and a number of community groups.


  1. I love monster fetes! The book stalls, the white elephant stalls, the cake stalls......and here you are teasing me with one that I can't get to! Bah!

  2. "Monster Community Fete"

    You have a community of monsters living in Melbourne?

  3. Sausage Sizzle will get me anywhere! Nom nom nom nom nom. Sauce only, no onions. Perhaps two.
    I don't think they have sausage sizzles here in England. I guess I should have thought that through a bit more...

  4. I will ask the folks in the Periodicals & Newspapers department at Toronto Reference Library. 1820-1830 is pretty old, and microfilm is probably the only option. Some papers are gradually digitizing their archives but the payback is not great so they are not rushing the process. TRL has a "rent-a-librarian" service, where you pay someone to sit and scan microfilm for you, but I think the fee is probably around $80 per hour . . .

    I will update you if she comes up with anything more. E

  5. I'll be there with bells on, River, and shop for you in spirit ;)

    Indeed we do, Brian.
    They're called politicians.

    I'll have a snag for you, too, Scott ;)

    Thanks a lot, Elizabeth, really appreciate that :)