Monday, January 4, 2010

Not so mysterious tower disentangled from brain sludge.

I kept trying to identify this tower last night but I was slightly knackered, mentally and physically, after traipsing all over Melbourne and surrounds with the offspring and proof-reading the aforementioned offspring's uni assignment *blerch*.
Anyway the brain kept saying "school" but I didn't make the connection until after 8 hours of slumber.
In the first pic you can just see the spires of St Patrick's Cathedral *drool* behind the tower as it is the last remnant of St Patrick's College, the first Diocesan College in Victoria.
A fully detailed history , including map, can be viewed HERE.
Original photo of St Pat's College HERE.
Demolished without any help from Jussy, imagine!
It was built on the corner of Cathedral Place and Lansdowne St, opposite the Fitzroy Gardens, just up a tiny way from the original Presbytarian Ladies College and the original Scotch College.

In the second photo you can see a grey multistorey building to the left of the tower - this is the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre (wave to my Mum's 2nd last hosp window) which stands on the site of the former St Andrews Hospital (click through these bajillion photos, drooling allowed) which, in turn, stood upon the original Scotch College.
The Peter Mac Centre site is soon to go the way of developers... (replaced with purpose-built clinic in Parkville) ...and, as you can see from this map there is a multi-million dollar birds eye view over the Fitzroy Gardens (photos of them to appear in another post) the MCG and the postcard perfect St Pat's Cathedral.
And remaining tower.


  1. Yep, I am watching them ever so slowly demolish the old Dental Hospital to make way for the new Peter Mac centre. Amazing stuff.

  2. Me again. Hey there... I heard one of the old Dimmeys stores is going to be demplished to make way for some 9 storey apartment buildings and whilst I was looking at the Dimmeys/forges website it sprung up with some cool historical pics that scroll on from one to another..thought you might me interested to have a geek at them..

    The Dimmeys that will be demolished aparently has some awesome mural on one side of the building that the local residents are upset about. Still not sure which one is going.

  3. Hey... it is the Richmond Dimmeys building that is gunna go... on Green is the image of the mural.. don't think Juzzy has his hands on this one though.

  4. Thanks for those links, Cazzie.
    Yes, it's all about the precious $ :(

  5. Thank you, Jayne -- you have sated my inquisitiveness. For now. ;)

  6. You're most welcome, Lisa ;)

  7. The Peter Mac building may be no great loss, but what will replace it!!!

  8. Thought of him when I was looking at the map, Marita.