Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Police Museum, Immigration Museum and city walk visit, photos included

We wandered into the city to go through the Victoria Police Museum and it's so very worth it.
The current exhibit, the Ned Kelly-based AMBUSH, showcases the recently found manuscript of McIntyre, the only policeman to survive the Stringybark Creek massacre, letters, documents and photos.
 To be completely fair the exhibit doesn't paint all the police as innocent; Alexander Fitzpatrick was found very wanting with little to atone for his behaviour and the subsequent results of his actions. Likewise he was one of the bad apples that left the Victorian Police Force tainted as a whole for the few members' poor judgment.
I doubt his exit from the force after only 3 years was greatly missed.
There are many photos and documents which detail the harsh country in which the police felt they had little or no confidence in negotiating, having not experienced the area before.
The police wage was below the poverty line from which they had to replace Every.Single.Bullet they ever fired.
No shooting practice, obviously, and many left the force without ever having fired a bullet at all while very few had even sat on a horse before joining the poice force.
Go see it, even if you're a complete dyed-in-the-wool Kelly sympathiser you can't deny the new evidence and facts, nor the horrific photos capturing the end results of the bloody battle.

Afterwards we hit the Immigration Museum - while it's wrapped in yellow and growing scaffolding at a fast clip it is still open and is just winding up a fab exhibit on Hampi, an archaeological dig in India. This finishes on January 26th so get in to see it!
Callaloo is an exhibit on the Caribbean culture and community here in Victoria. There were very few non-white West Indians permitted to immigrate to Oz before the 1970s but a spirited Boxing Day test in the 1960s saw the public inspired to cheer for the losing West Indian side and loudly demand an end to the White Australia policy. Another to go see.
Cricket; it does have its uses after all!

 Christo was in town?!

I have no idea why this building was wrapped up like a Xmess turkey trussed for the pot but there were a couple of efficient-looking men (yes, I know, oxymoron) in shirts and ties waving clipboards about with gusto when we passed by the second
  time.I think the green hessian wrapping was making their skin itch...? 

 The wrought iron fence, an original in a town of constant reinvention, outside the former Customs House which is now known as the Immigration Museum, a must-visit for anyone hitting old Melbourne Town as a tourist.

Yeah, alright, some of these skyscrapers might be growing on me, like fungus but even truffles are a type of fungus...I suppose.

Original Port Authority Building behind the former Customs House.Tres biggun.

Clock tower of Flinders Street Station peeking above the greenery to let us know it was trois o'clock.

The glorious Hotel Windsor before the ginormous tower sprouts up behind it, both dwarfing it and rendering its gracious lines impotent with a staggering exaggeration of height.

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  1. I went past the Immigration Museum tonight and a big burley lookin' guard was out front protecting the place... lookin' bored :(

  2. I suppose they are repainting the Immigration Museum. However, the paint work looked fine to me before it was wrapped. Bet then they shouldn't wait until the paint is peeling off.

  3. Yes, Cazzie, you never know when those crazed kids in their van might get a notion to investigate the haunting on the 3rd floor...with their perpetually hungry dog....;)

    Could see the coat of arms through one of the windows, Andrew, the lion has red painted nails...err, claws, very Eastenders ;)

  4. "he was one of the bad apples that left the Victorian Police Force tainted as a whole for the few members' poor judgment."

    We've got a few members and wholes in our police force as well.

  5. A-hem, no finger in the dyke to plug those wholes, Brian ?