Thursday, January 7, 2010

Regurgitations of grey matter and photos, both optional

 Tim Holding has closed the City Museum, located in the Old Treasury Building, without any real explanation.
This is the same bloke who says the Govt will happily give taxpayer's money (AGAIN) to Tiger Woods to trot back Down Under to play around a round of a few extra marital holes and over-saw the building of the $750 million North-South Pipeline which many claim will take water from the struggling Food Bowl so we can flush a dunny in Melb.

So, sleeze, sport and flash-in-the-toilet-pan obviously appeals to certain ministers while steadfast, popular museums, Aussie heritage and history don't rate a dicky bird.

 Quite like this 'un.

 Dunno, but that abstract art work is growing on me...


 Two views of the same line of buildings.

The dear old Sir Charles Hotham Hotel, originally a coffee palace then a pub now a back-packer's hostel with a decaying paintwork that does it no favours when one can see what beauty it once paraded HERE.

Tucked away down Downie St.

Immigration Museum shedding light on the not-too-distant past...

Ok, I'm stretching it somewhat but what else do I have to do on a looooooong train journey? LOL


  1. ahhh now thats a shame about that. Politics has a lot to answer for. As for the bombing, its "fish and Chips" lol. Winks. That article made me laugh but then I thought heck our so called armed forces were crap back then too.

  2. "Aussie heritage and history don't rate a dicky bird."

    Our government's even better. They can't afford to keep Fleetwood Museum open, but they can, apparently, afford floating duck palaces for individual members of parliament (members being the correct term, obviously) and other such self-indulgent fripperies.

  3. The two same buildings were the ones Ben and I separately mentioned, with trains running past their windows. I don't know the Charles Hotham Hotel. It looks grand.

    Brian, you do lobby for funding? Like you grovel to your local member?

  4. LOL Janine.
    Lisa finds some of the best articles ;)

    Change your name to Tiger Woods, Brian, and buy a long shaft, apparently pollies will love to throw money at you then.
    And chicky-babes will throw themselves but that's another story ;)

    Amazing how a (bad) coat of paint can change the whole building, eh, Andrew?

  5. Still enjoying the tour. Wander what the old Hotram hotel would look like if they just removed the paint. Looks like brick work underneath in the old photo.

    Did you happen to notice the building with the abstract art, don't like it, is on my street. ;) I did.

  6. LOL Elizabeth, I hadn't noticed when I posted it, glad you had sharper eyes ;)
    Yep, I think it's plain brick underneath and would look so fresh and crisp if they removed that paint.