Thursday, January 14, 2010

See? I CAN multitask with only 3 pairs of hands and 6 feet!

What hope do we have when the idiots wielding a spray can cannot even spell?
Or are we to mentally picture a gang of hoodie-wearing miscreants with only jocks covering their nether regions as they lope along the train tracks, ape-style, marking their territory?
*trots off to bleach her brain....*

Old mile marker on Clayton station.

Feret's mum, Shazza, was sorely disappointed in her boy.
How many times must she tell him (whilst tucking the packet of Winnie Blues under her t-shirt sleeve) his name was spelt with a double T...

Oooooo, shiny!

Really, Seb?
Were you really here?
Or was it an hallucination of your pubescent brain whilst inhaling the stench of wet concrete?

 Shiny chandelier in Chaddy.


  1. I remember seeing graffiti from the 17th century carved into the ruins of Cockersand Abbey. It was just as misspelt and pointless back then.

  2. Hmmm, I reckon Clayton is further than twelve miles. I should check before mouthing off I suppose.

  3. I woz ere! Haha

  4. They could use conjugated Latin verbs as their excuse, though, Brian :P

    I thought Oakleigh was 12 miles from the GPO, Andrew, unless the marker has been shifted?

    LOL Cazzie!

    I woz ere
    Ere I woz
    Woz I ere
    Yes, I woz.

  5. had a giggle at your shots of the "grafitti". I was looking at some today thinking I should take photos of it. Too funny. I didn;t though. We could have compared hoodie- wearing miscreants writing styles.

  6. LOL Janine!
    See which lot spelled (and smelled) the worst? ;)

  7. And I thought Oakleigh was 11 miles. Seems we agree that Clayton must be further.

  8. I think there was some prank in that marker being where it is, Andrew lol.

    Thanks, Elizabeth :)