Monday, January 11, 2010

Summer By The Sea activities

Got a life saving email the other day listing the many fabulous, mostly free Summer By The Sea activities on around the Victorian coast this January.
Dad has been ill again and I'm quite thankful I'd booked one of the activities for Feral Beast and I to have a Mental Health Day out of the house, as Dad lives with us and there is no respite from the stress, otherwise.
Ricketts Point Marine Sanctuary was host to some great activities yesterday; beach walk, rockpool ramble, sea search and an Aboriginal History and Bush Tucker walk, the latter which we attended.
These are fantastic activities for all ages all around the coast, check the link and have a gander as something might take your fancy.
Photos another post, too tired and stressed, again, to upload the suckers.


  1. wow there were some awesome activities in that pdf. I am glad you and FB had a mental health day and enjoy yourself. Looking forward to seeing photos.

  2. yawn
    get ova urself

  3. I used to dream of summers by the sea, but after 4 days of 40* heat I'm dreaming of deep caves in snow bound Alaska.....hope you had a great day. Sorry to hear about your Dad.

  4. u left ur sick dad so u could go to the beach

  5. Ricketts Point? Who came up with that name? It sounds like a medical complaint suffered by bow-legged pensioners with haemorrhoids.

  6. I had my Grandma live with us when we had just the two boys as toddlers. I know how it is to need and to have those respite days out. As much as you love them... yeah.
    Thanks for the heads up on those activities :)